View Full Version : A building collapsed accross my street

03-01-13, 07:40 PM
You guys can see pictures here (

It was less than 100m (less than 110 yards) from where I live.

The dogs in the last picture were firefighter dogs that were looking for survivors , sadly the only guy that was hit by debris died before the emergency team arrived.

My building can be seen in the last picture between the policeman and the firefighter.

03-01-13, 08:12 PM
wow sounds awful. Feel sorry for the one who died & his family :(

03-01-13, 08:15 PM
The guy who died was 50y , no family, worked as a janitor , living in a boarding house. :/

He was passing by in the street and fall when everybody started running.

The building was very old so it was being prepared for demolition, according to the engineer responsible a water leaking was responsible for affecting the structure and caused the collapse.

03-01-13, 08:29 PM
sounds like he died very lonely. How sad.

03-01-13, 08:36 PM
A Video of the emergency team working yesterday

The building was from 1934. here is a picture of before the collapse

As you can see in the map , the building is really near the subway line (the blue M squares indicate subway stations). so it could be a lot worse, during the collapse time the subway was probably full. :|

03-01-13, 09:28 PM
Yikes !!!!

03-01-13, 09:46 PM
That's just nuts!
What are the odds of this happening??

I feel so sad for that unfortunate man who happened to be walking by there right when it happened. :( RIP

03-01-13, 10:00 PM
it just collapsed by itself?! wow... especially having seen the picture of it all rubble vs the picture of it before... didn't look like a building that could just fall apart.

03-01-13, 10:03 PM
When I was about 8, when walking on the street with my grandfather, a window sill with the glass and everything fell out of a building and landed on my head. LOL!!

I was in so much pain and shock, that I couldn't even cry.
Luckily all I got was a big swelling for a few days and no concussion or anything -according to the docs. Who knows what it did to my brain though ;) Obviously nothing good.

And then when I was a senior in highschool, I was walking on a street, when a giant concrete block feel off a building, landed and broke into pieces right by my feet.
This thing was huge!
A few inches closer and I would have been in pieces and most definitely not be here today.

I'll never forget the utter shock on peoples' faces who had witnessed it, since they were walking towards me or behind me and immediately gathered around me, asking me if I was OK.

03-03-13, 08:55 AM
wow starry , that's ... wow..

According to the news channel , the building was closed , it was being transformed in a parking lot, the engineer blame the water company for not fixing a leak and the city hall announced that they had no building permit... any way it's going to be a long work at the court...

today it is no longer news , they demolished the rest of the building and today the country is more interested in the army doing an occupation in some major favelas at rio (around 600km from here ,which for brazil is "near".), they got armored vehicles , helicopters and lots of guns... apparently they already controlled the territories previously controlled by the drug cartels
Navy Armored Troops Transport Vehicle

Things look serious but probably everything will look safer for the world cup, but anyway it's not everyday that you see a huge tank and soldiers in the street (military forum members will probably laugh at this, sorry guys I only saw a .50 bullet once in my life :lol:).

Busy week :lol: