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03-04-13, 02:22 AM
This is a "MAJOR" revision of my original thread, which evolved on 08-26-12, at 11:22 PM
By major revision, I mean putting the concept and philosophy into an open-discussion format, a discussion that should not be torn apart due to the specific logic or any other specification, such as to my reiteration of a complex subject.
In addition, I wanted to take a moment to say, it is with my utmost expression of regret for my behavior in my previous thread. Instant release adderall made me a very angry person, I will have you all know I am now a human being on adderall extended release, so you may argue your point, but please provide a logical argument regarding the broad spectrum of the topic or something interesting that you would like to philosophize/add. I hope you guys are having a great day, please enjoy my work that I have presented and I hope I hold your interest with every word that I convey.

"Ever envision or dream of your disorder permanently disappearing? Well, it is not in my interest to appear as if I am expressing words similar to a cheesy infomercial, but this could all be made a reality." ---ONLY DESTROYER---

Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation, otherwise known as "TDCS" is a

possible way to treat all disorders known to man for "weeks" at a time

with very low dosages, which do not surpass 2 milliamps. Furthermore,

TDCS are only known to treat 4 or 5 disorders, at the moment, but I am

looking at this with a much more broad spectrum that this finding of TDCS

could uncover!

Imagine hacking your brain because that is basically the foundation of

TDCS. For example, you stick these electrodes on regions of the brain that

contain the behavior of the disorder and you shoot volts of

electricity into your brain, volts of electricity that should have been in

your brain from the beginning of your life, volts of electricity that make up

the mechanism of your brain, which should have matured accordingly.

Long-term affect are unknown, but very shortly, I am willing to risk

everything for the possibility that TDCS may improve my memory and

learning. The government source NCBI states that TDCS actually "may

become a valuable strategy to improve learning in both normal subjects

and patients (NCBI)." In other words, I am going to unintelligently test

run this transcranial direct current stimulation with a TDCS kit that I can

find and buy online, but first I need to hunt for the safest and best TDC


Finally, do you think the time has come, where human beings can hack their brain like a computer, be as "glitcheless," smart, satisfied, happy, focused, and motivated as they ever/more than they ever wanted?

Throught the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman, the notion that inspired it all for me!! :yes::thankyou::D

P.S. This is not me by the way! :lol:
Some of these website look like they won't take you directly to the site, so make sure you copy and paste into google if you are interested in this amazing scientific discovery.

Some previous thread comments:

sarahsweets-"Adhs ia chronic,life long and debilitating."

Amtrom(MOTTERator) - "Right now, I don't think the clinical data is strong

enough or refined enough to make predictions, but I would definitely be

happy if they found an actual significant benefit with fewer side effects

than medications."

meadd823(Super Meowaderator) - "Rude disagreement is poor debate technique and pretty much washes out any thing of value offered in rebuttal!Diversity is a good thing even

when it causes a bit of conflict - Challenges to ones intellectual bias offers up an opportunity to see what my opinion is made of - Offers me personally a chance to defend or fold

depending upon how solid my assumed knowledge is combined with my ability and / or desire to defend my own mind against it's own shadow of doubts." -------Right now this appears t

o me as the golden road to life, like words of wisdom, :) :( <<<I cannot believe I was so selfish and negligent of others around me. I just wanted to offer a special thank you and an apology for the past grievance I have caused, which has not hurt you, but only hurt myself.

Take care everyone! I hope you all enjoyed reading and I hope this very rare information interested you. I am spreading the word!

It seemed to be a very interesting topic, now that I am reflecting on my old topic that I posted, it was almost 2k views, wow.

DISCLAIMER: All of this information was written without the aid of my medication, I am a very creative thinker off my medication, but more of an errorless/perfectionist when it comes to writing on my medication. If there are major errors, bias, or other things, I do so apologize. Every bit of information regarding the broad spectrum, however, is correct.