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03-04-13, 07:44 AM

Im new on this forum, and could write a really long post explaining the history of my sons education but I dont want to bore everyone.

My sons first school was excellent it was a small school and adapted his learning environment to suit him, I really cant fault the 1st school. In year 4 th SENCO started coming (we invited her) to our IEP meetings so she could get an insight into the way he learns. I did say that ideally I would like him diagnosed before he started middle school so that his 'statement' (sorry 2 b blunt) would go through school with him and he would/SHOULD receive a person centered learning programme, I was made to feel that i was questioning the school ability to deliver him a suitable education and they would deal with him as an individual, and i was possibly wanting my son 'labeled' for a status !!!!!

...... I gave her the benefit of doubt and didnt push for an assessment.... He is now in year six of middle school has spent a term year and a half of numerous phone calls home, put on report umpteen times, changed math classes 4 times, but all the while im been told 'give him another few months you will see a difference in his new class' !!!!!!

I got a phone call last week from his teacher stating my son had got 1 out of 20 on a mental maths test and was told 'son is a funny child to work out' 'he is more than capable of doing this test he just puts no effort in' so i said i would try my best to have a word & try to get him to improve, teacher said he would send out the practice sat results he got,... 1 out of 20 on mental maths, 7 out of 25 calculator aloud, 5 out of 25 calculator not aloud he has been assessed at level 2C.

Now I am NOT a pushy parent, my son is capable of learning if his environment/ learning programme suit him. I also am NOT wanting my son to have a 'status' of add I simply want my son to be assessed in order to diagnosis or rule out add. How many more maths do I have to wait ? until he is in high school and then it wont be their problem ????.......Grrrrrrr It is so annoying that the SENCO does not see what I am seeing, I really think she doesn't want the problem of another assessment/statemented child.

I am currently sitting waiting on th GP ringing me & Im going to ask what steps do I have to take for a possible assessment for my son, don't know what the hell to expect I have literally decided myself that Im not settling for this and want better for my son.......

Any opinions gratefully received ??????

03-04-13, 11:29 AM
In Canada the school are not allowed to dx anything like ADHD. The teachers simply do not have the qualifications. Calling the Dr. is the right move. Hopefully he/she will get your son set up for a proper assessment.

Scooby Dude
03-04-13, 02:32 PM
In the US, many school districts do have counseling professionals with the education to make an official diagnosis. Nonetheless, I would see a Dr.

Ms. Mango
03-04-13, 06:52 PM
Now I am NOT a pushy parent

It's time to be one. She's not acting in your son's best interests.

03-04-13, 11:25 PM
Labels in a negative light only exist if they're treated like that.

If you son has ADHD, then the earlier it's recognized, the better. And don't wait it off with math scores - being good/bad at math doesn't mean you have/don't have ADHD.

03-05-13, 05:53 AM
Its time to bring out the big guns and start advocating for your son.

03-05-13, 01:52 PM
Thanks for the replies, Sons class teacher rang me last night to inform me son has been put on report AGAIN, i asked him if he thought my son had displayed any symptoms when he is with him, his reply was, 'well yes but im not a doctor', however he did say he can hardly get my son to do any work unless he is on a 1 2 1 basis with him, nudging him all the time. I put a request in writing to school for a copy of my sons school record, SENCO rang today to invite me into school, im going on Friday to discuss my son and pick up the documents. GP rang back and she says she doesn't think it is add but she is willing to contact th school and ask for information off them, I have to go in and see her with my son in 2 weeks, i also have to collect a behavior record from now till then, she said i HAVE NOT got to let my son rule th household, .....easier said then done !!....thanks for th replies guys I think I just needed to hear that it is my time to be th pushy parent x