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Multifactor Dimensionality Reduction–Phenomics: A Novel Method to Capture Genetic Heterogeneity with Use of Phenotypic Variables

Mendelian genetics explains the relationship between phenotype and genotype in many single-gene disorders, and these genes can be efficiently detected by linkage and association analyses.1 However, the majority of human diseases, including diabetes, ischemic heart disease, and autism (MIM 209850), are complex with ambiguous inheritance patterns, generally accounted for by many loci of multiple genes, at each of which common alleles typically have only small or modest individual effects.2 Complex diseases are well known for genetic heterogeneity,3 in which a single disease phenotype is caused by several different variants within a gene or in multiple genes. In addition, gene-gene and gene-environment interactions are believed to play a role in common complex disease. These complicating factors have made the identification of disease genes in complex diseases challenging. Successful analysis methods must attack the problem of genetic heterogeneity and must evaluate interactions involving multiple genes simultaneously.