View Full Version : low EFA (fatty acids) - omega-6?

03-06-13, 02:33 PM
I'm newly diagnosed ADD and am trying to read what I can and learn as much as I can. I just saw a few things about a correlation between ADD/ADHD and low 'essential fatty acids'. If you google ADD and low fatty acids, a ton of pages come up. The theory is if you supplement with omega-6 and some other supplements, it can help manage a lot of ADD symptoms. Some of the studies I read about also mention magnesium and evening primrose oil, etc. I just wondered if anyone is familiar with this or has tried any kind of supplements/vitamins...and if it has helped. Thanks

03-06-13, 03:50 PM
It's not Omega-6 that's helpful with brain work. It's Omega-3.
It's not the DHA in fish oil, it's the EPA.

There have been a couple of studies done on supplementing with fish oil
and evening primrose oil that showed promise. I only know that fish oil is
very helpful for my own ADHD symptoms.

Unless you can afford blood tests a few times a year, it can be difficult to
know whether you are lacking in any of these things. It's best to ask your
doctor whether taking fish oil will interact with any other meds you take or
conditions you have. But the only problem comes from taking too much as
fish oil acts as a blood thinner in mega doses.

03-08-13, 07:51 PM
I find them very helpful not only in controlling my lack of focus symptoms but also any mood swings as a result of frustration.

Plus Omega 3s make my nails and hair look awesome!

03-08-13, 09:15 PM
Everyone reacts individually it seems. Omega 3 really helps my focus, but
hasn't ever helped my moods.