View Full Version : I mustn't get stuck in traffic

03-07-13, 05:47 AM
I know, it sounds so trivial. It is. But traffic jams just suck the life right out of me. I go absolutely crazy, especially when I actually left very early. I get so annoyed and irritated. It absolutely kills my mood. Every time. The worst is the irritation lasts even when I've finally reached my destination. Sometimes, it lasts the entire day or triggers a bad depression. It's so stupid but my mood is just too unstable to deal with the slightest **** up.

UUUUUUUUUghhh. I just want to break something. Or sleep. :mad: :mad: :mad:

03-07-13, 06:01 AM
Traffic sucks. Anyone who can remain upbeat in traffic is either a liar or delusional.

03-07-13, 06:18 AM
It makes me so sleepy as well. Now I'm falling asleep over my desk. I just can't keep my eyes open. :eek:

I need to work. I've got a deadline in 3.5 hours. :confused:

03-07-13, 06:50 AM
I hate riding in a car when there are traffic jams! especially when you can't SEE where it looks like it will end (ie if there's a curve on the highway and all you can see is a line of cars.) The traffic outside paris is a nightmare, they could never add lanes to the highways. one of the reasons I don't drive...

have some coffee, you can do this!!!

03-07-13, 07:06 AM
I'll ride my bicycle even if it takes 4x as long to get there... so long as I'm always moving and not stuck in traffic. A moving Drew is a happy drew... a stuck in traffic Drew is an angry drunk sailor.

03-07-13, 07:55 AM
I hear you!! It actually makes me so mad I bang my hands on the steering wheel and curse. :eek:

I hope you get your work done. Is there some kind of coffee machine at your job to help wake you up?

03-07-13, 11:17 AM
I hear you!! It actually makes me so mad I bang my hands on the steering wheel and curse. :eek:

I hope you get your work done. Is there some kind of coffee machine at your job to help wake you up?

I bang my head on the steering wheel, curse and whimper. :rolleyes:

I always gulp down gallons of coffee at work and smoke like a chimney. I need that break. I got part of my work done but had a good meeting anyway. Took on as usual a hell lot of more work, but phew, it gives me some breathing least for today. :doh:

Traffic jams do something strange to me. I always encounter heavy traffic on my way to work but if there's more traffic than usual, I freak out. Maybe it's the shock of the unexpected. It seems to trigger a switch in me so I go from feeling somewhat normal on good days to feeling annoyed and depressed. Typical overreaction. Huge over reaction. I know that, but I still can't seem to do anything about it.

03-07-13, 12:38 PM
I sometimes have a problem with concertrating... ugh. Now that's why I shouldn't drive!

04-26-13, 04:21 AM
Ugh, I'm SO glad I'm not the only one that feels like this about traffic (don't even get me started on why on earth so many people have to leave at the same time & clog up the same roads...). I don't know anyone else who hates traffic nearly as much as I do, they just tolerate it better & say "oh yah, it sucks", but don't fully HATE it like I do. Sometimes I can handle it just fine & I'm relaxed, jamming to my tunes loudly. But most of the time I don't handle it well at all. If it catches me totally offguard, whether or not i left in time, sometimes i feel like I'm gonna "lose it". Other times I feel like I'm gonna have a panic attack... other times I fear I'm gonna pass out or some other useless scenario that pops in my head that's not really gonna happen (ie, running into a ditch or hitting a concrete barrier because I wasn't paying attention). And yah, even when I've arrived somewhere, those close to me know I've been aggravated by traffic. I hate it, hate it, hate it... the thing is I thought I had gotten better at managing it, & I did at 1 point... I'd talk myself out of a panic episode & focus on my breathing & drink water. But it's kinda crept back again & it just stresses & wears me out :( I don't like worrying about myself while driving... & to add to the stress, I need to get a new vehicle soon because I'm not sure how much longer mine's gonna last.

04-26-13, 02:49 PM
I think I am actually the only person in the world who isn't bothered by traffic, as long as I'm not going anywhere important. If I'm on my way to somewhere with an arrival time (work, doctor's appointment, etc.) then I get really frustrated only because I hate being late. But if I'm on my way home, or just going shopping, I am actually not bothered by traffic at all.

I know, I'm weird, everyone says so. I just don't feel like traffic is really worth being upset over in the grand scheme of things, you know? Being upset at traffic doesn't serve any purpose, it won't get me there any faster, it will only get me upset for no good reason. It took a lot of intentional thought on my part to break the habit of being upset with traffic (I used to really hate it) but now it doesn't bother me much. I flip through radio stations, or call up my friend and chat with her while I'm stuck. Time passes a lot quicker if you aren't focused on it.

You might want to try working on some cognitive strategies to help you control your anger and mood fluctuations when you get stuck in traffic. Nobody is ever going to LOVE traffic, but if you can teach yourself how not to be angry when you're stuck there, it's going to serve you well.