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03-07-13, 09:03 PM
This is a post about something I have already posted about. So for those that don't like numerous posts, click away.

So I got into a fight with my PCP today. She hung up on me. I had called her office asking her to send my records and recent MRI to the pain specialist who I am seeing Monday and informing her that they don't prescribe medications as a heads up that I will need her to be proactive since the appt is late in the day and she barely gave me enough to last the weekend, let alone through Tues. She calls me personally (I usually talk to her asst) and proceeds to lecture me about my usage. That I have even taking pain meds for far too long and that its bad for my health. I tell her so is Advil like she keeps telling me to take, even though I have told her it doesn't even touch my pain. She then informs me that she contacted my pharmacy and 'found out' that I have been taking them for two months. I am ****** at this point because she is making it seem like I didn't actually tell her on my very first visit exactly how much I have been taking, exactly why I was originally taking them, and exactly how much I need to take in order to be functional. She then says that she is going to prescribe me muscle relaxants. I remind her that she was supposed to have done that yesterday and my husband came home empty handed from the pharmacy last night. She then repeats herself. I then ask what else am I supposed to take since I can't take muscle relaxants at work. She says Advil. I lose my $hit. I remind her for the fourth time that her Advil doesn't work and that I am currently taking her naproxen which not only does nothing (I'm at a 6 right now, and this is after 2 Vic's and a naproxen), it also makes me very drowsy which I have told her many times and it also puts me in a bad mood. She then says, again, that she's prescribing muscle relaxants. I'm dumbfounded at this point. She then says that I have the weekend to stay home and take muscle relaxants. I reply 'great, I will completely shut down my life because you can't think of anything other than muscle relaxants'. This is where she hangs up.

I have hated this doctor for years but like an ADHDer I never got around to getting a new one. She usually seems like a compassionate person, if not lazy. This conversation takes the cake. I pay her to research. There are other non opiate meds out there that relieve pain. Stuff for lupus and fibro. How come I know this and she doesn't?

I have also done everything she has asked of me, I have PT tomorrow as well as a massage and have set up an acupuncture appt at the first available on the 18th. I pushed up my MRI to yesterday so she would fill better anout my vic refill. In between my massage and acupuncture I will need some f**king drugs that are not OTC or muscle relaxers. It's just a fact of life. Worried about your license and the DEA? Then do your damn homework that I pay you to do and find another option that I can ingest. She has obviously never had chronic pain and can't understand what it does to a person.

Oh the other kicker is that because she confirmed that I am on antidepressants, that this is obviously anxiety related. I highly doubt anxiety gives sciatica. Aches and pains? Yes. But actual nerve damage? If that's true than why would I waste my incredibly powerful mind tricks on beating myself up? I gotta lot of sh** to do, I really don't need a 'hobby' of this sort. I also have a very low threshold for pain and this is the last thing I would subconsciously do to myself. In addition to the 'anxiety' she also accused me, it sounded like, of abusing Valium. Dude, I barely take the crap. It does nothing for me. I tell her I take it maybe every couple of weeks and that the last two nights I took it in hopes that it would relax what is going on with my back, as its often prescribed for, and THEN she lectures me about not taking it while I am on muscle relaxers. So you think I have anxiety but you don't want me taking anxiety meds. Okay.

Just needed to vent. My husband is mad that I got an attitude with her but I have been holding in my frustrations with her lack of due diligence (I honestly don't think she would ever try to do differential diagnosis, I had to force the MRI) for years. If she called me right now I would probably yell at her again. Idiot. The problem though is that I don't think it's wise to find another doctor while going through pain management because it will look like I am doctor shopping.

I am so tired of this.

03-07-13, 09:19 PM
My sister has chronic pain and she is given a **** load of Vicodin for it. Sounds like this doctor has a stick up her *** and is not concerned about you as a suffering patient. With regards to the muscle relaxers something like carisoprodol is suprisingly good at pain management. I tried it a long time ago and it works well for pain and anxiety.

03-08-13, 05:54 AM
Ok, while deciding or looking for a new doctor or waiting for the pain doctor this is what you have to do. Call her back and do your best to speak with her. Even make an appt and do the eye to eye bit. Tell her your sorry, the pain gets the best of you and you were out of line. You werent and you and I know this but the last thing you need is her marking your chart with a giant red X so that you will never be taken seriously by her or another doctor if she sends your records onto them. Tell her about every appt you have and do your best to be calm. Its time to eat sh*t with a silver spoon and kiss some major butt. You are not wrong, but she is the gate keeper between you and good treatment. Looking at it from her end, if she wasnt such an ill informed b**ch, she is more worried about a slap on the wrist from our nutty DEA and less worried about treating your pain. In that regard we can only blame the USA's way of demonizing certain meds and scaring doctors. I am totally on your side. Regardless of whether you are physically dependent on the vicodin, stopping abruptly when you have been on a consistent dose schedule is never a safe bet. When you first got the vicodin from her, did she know about your tooth issues?

03-08-13, 06:17 AM
Ok, the minute I read that your PCP hung up on you, I immediately thought of sarahsweets and was gonna tell you to call her back and tell her to f*** off.

as hard as it is, it sound like you need a new doc. any dr. that calls your pharmacy to find out how much meds you take obviously doesnt trust you...why should you trust them? JMO.

and don't worry about the Dr shopping. i went thru 3 psychiatrists in 1 year. The first one was awesome, but he closed up practice and referred me to his quack collegue who didn't give a rats a** about me. I met with him 3-4 times and he still couldn't remember my name, and wouldn't even listen to my symptoms and just tossed meds at me that I didn't need like candy. So i found a new pdoc who is very understanding.

Melly, IMO you need a dr. who cares about your pain and will treat it with something that actually works rather than some OTC bulls***.

Good luck.


03-08-13, 08:45 AM
They hung up on you??? That's so rude!!! :mad:

My dad suffers from Sciatica and it's not fun. I doubt it's anxiety related. That sounds like a lazy diagnosis. Hope you can find someone who helps you soon. :grouphug:

03-08-13, 09:41 AM
my husband had some sciatic nerve trouble a few years ago, certaintly not caused by anxiety
it affected his leg I think, more than his back
they gave him muscle relaxants, he went to kinestherapy sessions and he still does
exercises every day.
I really hope you can the right treatment for this!

PS: his symptoms werent as severe as yours, the point I wanted to make is, it was NOT anxiety related!
and how unprofessional for a doctor to hang up on someone...

03-08-13, 10:41 AM
I emailed my pdoc to get his opinion and he said it was not anxiety related to. I see PT at 8 and then I m going to call her again. I left a message for her to call me but sure she's already avoiding me.

Good advice from all!

03-08-13, 11:12 AM
Oh and yes. I told her on the first appt about my tooth and how long I have taken them, when the pain started, and how much I take daily to stay ahead of the pain. It's like she doesn't listen or take notes. I then went to the pharmacy and printed out my record from the beginning of the year. I am going to group it so she knows that the three doctors that gave me Vic before were all tooth related and in the same practice since it could appear like doctor shopping if you didn't know. She also said 'I have given you 60 pills!' like it was some sort of incredulous idea. I think she is just not a fan of opiates period. It's not like it was oxy or morphine. Simmer down!

03-08-13, 12:37 PM
It's not like it was oxy or morphine. Simmer down!

Wait, what did she give you then? I don't think anything compares to those two drugs as far as prescription meds go. My goodness my fiance gets Xanax just for anxiety!

Are you using it as she prescribed? I can't remember if you mentioned that in this or the last thread. Is this the same doctor who gives you your stimulants? Sorry if I am asking questions already answered.

You need to take this pain and allow it to push you to someone else. No excuses. Every second you have an ounce of pain take the time to research someone new. Although, I thought you loved your doctor? You posted that yesterday to a thread asking about doctors in the Seattle area.

It's negligent behavior on your doctors part by not making other medication recommendations. I f*$king hate that about doctors. Not only are we paying you large sums of money (or at least I am), we are trusting your guidance in our well being! My psychiatrist prescribes Memantine, which made me happy because she will think outside of the psychiatry box, but at the same time didn't know Desoxyn was methamphetamine. YOUR suppose to to know this NOT me!

Man, I need to feel better to do our resumes so I can get you to Fl! At least there you will HAVE to find a new doctor ;)

03-08-13, 03:15 PM
I love my pdoc, my PCP is a moron. My pdoc does all brain drugs, PCP does all body drugs.

I told her that it takes 5 Vic's to stay ahead of the pain. She insists one or two a day MAX. I mean, I would have to lay in bed all day. Goodbye employment! So yes I am taking more than way she wants me to but she's allowing her bias get in the way of my treatment.

PT was awesome. She said I have two bulging discs and I am a classic case. She said that it would be visible by MRI if I wasn't laying down. She has 45 years experience so I trust her diagnosis way more than 'its anxiety'. Moron.

I have to go by my PCPs office and release my records for the pain doctor to have access to the PT and MRI so I am stopping by with a card and maybe flowers. Because Sarah is right. Even though she's ******* WRONG, she is my gate keeper and I need to stay on her good side until I find someone else.