View Full Version : Florida girl relocated and looking for a Dr!

03-08-13, 02:21 PM
I just moved from West Palm Beach where I had a fabulous doctor who just wrote me what worked. I know it's stricter here but I am looking for someone in the Fairfax area to be referred to. I will exchange info for anyone in Jupiter, FL Looking for the same. I would love some friendly advice to get my refills!

03-23-13, 10:30 PM
Greetings. Nice to see someone else in the area with ADHD.
I don't mean to pre-empt your post but I relocated from Arlington to Fairfax recently and I am looking for a doctor as well.
If you are in the Arlington/Falls Church area for work or don't mind going out there I could recommend a doctor. Personally while I don't think she is the greatest, she gets the job done for me. She requests I see her every month and that's the only way I get my prescription, it's inconvenient but she was the only doctor taking new patients at the time.

Do you mind if I ask what insurance you have?
I plan on looking using my insurance and asking her for references when I see her the next time.