View Full Version : Reunited and it feels so....weird? Started meds again today after 4 yrs

03-11-13, 09:04 PM
Ok so after I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd child, I stopped my Ritalin Rx. Finally, after 4 years, a new house, 3 kids and the never ending uphill battle with ADD (with the lovely bonus of being socially retarded), I found a new Dr! After evaluating me, and after looking at my RX history, he put me on a similar Rx that I used to be on. I was on 20mg Ritalin SR with a 10 mg IR afternoon "helper" pill for the long days that I needed the extra help.
My new dr today prescribed 20 mg Methylphenidate ER and Methylphenidate 10mg, and said it was very similar to my old Rx. I look the ER late afternoon today, and although I am feeling a teensy bit jittery (which will probably wear off after a few days), I actually had a few conversations with people and I wasn't socially inept. It was strange for me. I don't remember the effects last time bc I was on a rainbow of antidepressants, before she realized I was ADD. Then ended up on Celexa and Ritalin before going off it altogether. I remember being focused and organized...Not feeling it this time.
My question is when will I see results for the rest of my A-typical ADDness? I still feel the same, just in a better mood. Idk I guess I finally feel like I am taking charge of my life that has spun out of control, and I guess I was expecting an instant change....Will it?

03-12-13, 06:43 AM
You will know that your meds work when some or all of your adhd symptoms are more controlled of course you know that its not a miracle pill. I am curious as to why you took your ER in the afternoon?