View Full Version : Reunited and it feels so.....Weird. Back on meds today after 4 (long)yrs.

03-11-13, 11:11 PM
Ok so after I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd child, I stopped my Ritalin Rx. Now finally, after 4 years, a new house, 3 active kids, a very patient and helpful hubby and the never ending uphill battle with ADD (with the lovely bonus of being socially awkward), I found a new Dr! After evaluating me, and after looking at my RX history, he put me on a similar Rx that I used to be on. I was on 20mg Ritalin SR with a 10 mg IR afternoon "helper" pill for the long days when I needed the extra help.
My new dr today prescribed 20 mg Methylphenidate ER and Methylphenidate 10mg, and said it was very similar to my old Rx. I only took the ER late afternoon today, and although I am feeling a teensy bit jittery (which will probably wear off after a few days), the only result so far is that I actually had a conversationwith someone and I wasn't socially inept. It was strange for me. I don't remember the effects last time bc I was on a rainbow of antidepressants, before she realized I was ADD. Then ended up on Celexa and Ritalin before going off it altogether (bc of baby#3). I remember being focused and organized...Not feeling it this time. Is it just soon to tell?
My question is when will I see results for the rest of my A-typical ADDness with this new Rx? Is there a difference between Ritalin SRand Methylphendate ER? I still feel the same daunting ADD symptoms, I just seem to be in a better mood. Idk I guess I feel like I am finally taking charge of my life that has spun out of control, and I guess I was expecting an instant change....Will it eventually?

03-12-13, 05:56 AM
It can be hard to make comparisons, you have one extra child now and personally I think 3 children is 100 times harder than 2 kids, your hormones may be different, you have more stress, less free time, more chores etc.

Be patient see how it goes, ADHD affects people in different ways and differently at different stages.

What do you want/expect from a med? TO be more motivated, concentrate more, do you need to study, remember stuff, would you like to be more social, do you need to curb impulses etc, Different people have different priorities.

adhd helps me concentrate and remember but I would love some motivation and to be in a happy mood.
just because it has an instant effect doesn´t mean it "works" instantly so to speak. You may see continual changes up to 6 weeks on an initial dose.