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03-12-13, 12:28 AM
This morning I woke up from a restless night of sleep. I decided to do some reading on adhd meds and came across research done that relates brain damage to the dopamine receptors from normal ADHD medications in primates who were induced with adhd symptoms.

The study showed that from 5-60 mgs of adderall gave the primates significant long term adverse effects. How does this all tie into sleep?

Well I found another study stating the opposite, that adhd medications actually increased gray matter and it was a mix and match on results that have almost always been found relatively inconclusive for this reason.

The reason I think the differential results occurred was because I do not believe they were accounting for healthy sleep in these studies. Some people take medications and can not sleep on them, even at therapeutic doses they find it hard to sleep. Other take them and sleep better than they have in their life.

Now long term sleep deprivation causes the same brain damage seen in the primates of that study. Conversely, healthy sleep shows more support in the dopamine systems and actual rejuvenation and repair. It's actually believed dopamine is what makes us feel awake and a lack of it causes inattentive types of adhd or hyperactivity in of itself.

Now I am not saying ADHD is caused directly by sleep deprivation but I consider it a strong contributor in a kind of vicious cycle as adhd tends to prevent healthy sleep functions.

Long story short, get sleep, take naps, and get more sleep, consider it a part of your medications and if you find your meds are not working like they used to, also consider your sleep schedule since the meds, do you sleep less? Or do you toss and turn at night? Also consider a sleep study to see if you have any breathing abnormalities while sleeping.

I guess that's my proposed theory, that ADHD amphetamine toxicity and brain damage is actually an indirect effect of poor sleep and the meds carry almost no toxicity in of themselves to cause brain damage.

Let me know your opinion

Also, If anyone has any tips that help them sleep i'd greatly appreciate it :)

Good luck, Research posted below----V

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