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03-14-13, 04:36 PM
If I could go back in time, I would not take adderall, or caffeine, or smoke. Today I realize they were all masking problems of unnatural food environment.

Long story short, I ended up worse and worse, even with adderall. One day I was screw this, there has to be something underlying all this issues. I stopped thinking of myself as someone with ADD. I realized the label itself was really screwing with me. After reading a few books, I realized that I could convince myself of so many disorders, and almost induce them by just self-fulfilling prophecy.

I decided to try a radical paleo-oriented diet change with heavy quality supplementation. It was just an experiment. I started logging EVERYTHING. Moods, sleep quality, etc...

Two weeks of really strict no gluten, no sugar, no processed foods, etc... No "low-fat" ******** and eating as close to evolutionary past as possible. I cannot believe the result in just two weeks. Vast majority of my neurological symptoms have completely disappeared. I realized I was lied to by FDA, by Medical Community, and the Food Industry. No what they are putting in food is not safe, and the nutritional advice is horrible. I knew that before but I didn't think, as probably many of you that diet could have much benefit.

Well turns out, its critically important. Please try it. Experiment. You never know what food sensitivities, malnutrition, or toxins that you are ingesting. Think about it, why do 25% of people suffer from all kind of mental disorders? This cannot be right. Something is going on, and its probably food, and the activation of certain genes as a result.

eclectic beagle
03-14-13, 05:09 PM
I remember one article suggesting that ADHD stems from lead poisoning, so I wonder at times how large a role toxins play in the typical ADHD person.

03-14-13, 05:31 PM
Hi. Your post is interesting. Glad your dietary changes have had a such positive result for you. I wonder what your thoughts are on how best to maintain the benefit you have achieved - continuing gluten free, etc or keeping gluten etc low, or doing intermittent spells of gluten free etc as a periodic detox?

I'm not sure how I would do at such a strict dietary regime, especially with a wife and child eating beside me, and a kitchen full of forbidden foods. I've been trying intermittent fasting, to reduce my metabolically harmful central obesity. I did also do one long fast of 96 hours where apart from my regular medication I took only water. I would not have imagined I was capable of that level of self denial, but I was, so I suppose the other changes could be done. I don't know.

I wonder what research results show on dietary intervention for ADD symptoms. I will be interested to read of experiences and insights by ADD advocates etc on our forum. Thanks for the post, R

03-14-13, 05:46 PM
I was just diagnosed with ADHD close to 5 months ago, so I was dealing with what I primarily saw as a problem of moodiness my entire life before that.

The most help I have ever gotten for that has been from the book "The Mood Cure" by Julia Ross about nutrition therapy.

You really are what you eat. If you eat a bunch of crap, you'll feel like crap and it is self-sustaining through cravings for more crap.

Sleep is also very important including avoiding high energy blue light in the evenings (like the light from TV or computer screens).

Yesterday, I hadn't slept well the night before which led to drinking coffee, then I had a piece of cake for a co-workers birthday in the afternoon. By the evening I felt terrible. Moody, couldn't think straight, couldn't get anything done. Definitely reinforced how helpful sticking to healthy habits is.

03-14-13, 06:52 PM
I definitely find improvements from eating healthily, better concentration - but my adhd is still there. My memory is just as bad.

Do you have any advice on good healthy recipe's btw :)?

03-14-13, 07:09 PM
I'll occasionally make a big stew and have it for lunch all week, last weekend I made up the following stew:
* Chard
* 1/2 bag baby carrots
* 1 lb dry lentils
* head of cauliflower
* 4 parsnips
* Kale bunch
* chicken broth
* 1.25 lbs pork top loin
seasoned with cinnamon and cloves

Probably could have used more seasoning and more fat (I'll often throw in bacon grease to up the fat content), but still I've been really enjoying it this week, all kinds of good stuff!

I'll also just pick a couple of veggies out at the store and then saute a little in butter and then add a little water and put a lid on it to steam. Easy, healthy, quick meal. A couple favorite combinations have been:
* cauliflower, bok choy, steamed beets (beets added after the other two veggies were done)
* asparagus with shiitake mushrooms

I don't go for complicated recipes at all! I was really craving fat the other day and had (6) pieces of bacon for dinner. Another day I had an avocado for dinner.

I've been dieting the last 6-7 months, so been eating relatively light (have lost over 35 lbs so far, about 15 more lbs to go to my goal).

Bored out of my mind at work today. Should leave the forums and get back to work. There's filing to do . . .

03-15-13, 12:11 AM
zhenaka, You are right on the money in more ways than one. It is also the healthiest way to eat to prevent a myriad of disease and other problems. The Paleo Diet: There are plenty of books and info on the internet. Also there is an iphone app called fast paleo that has a ton of good recipes!!!

I have been paleo for months and it just makes you feel a lot better, makes you regular, and mainly keeps your blood sugar level which helps a ton with mood swings and foggy brain. It's not a cure all but it's the best thing I've found so far. Meds aren't working too well yet. Plus a lot of exercise. I learned about Paleo when I got into Crossfit. I highly recommend both for ADD.

Paleo in a nut shell is: Meat, vegetables, some fruit, little starch, nuts and seeds. No dairy to be truly paleo, but if dairy doesn't cause you problems a little is ok. And the biggies that are NOT Paleo are: grains, that's no pasta, no bread! legumes, no sugar, no processed foods. The typical diet is KILLING US ALL SLOWLY!!!!!

Thanks for the good post zhenka!

03-15-13, 06:04 AM
Can anyone comment on how / if a sudden drastic diet change like this may interact with dex?

03-15-13, 12:16 PM
Just don't go low-carb, eat safe starches like potatoes, sweet potatoes, and white rice. And you should not have crazy body changes that may temperarily interfere with with dex. If anything you should have it working better.

03-15-13, 01:53 PM
Apparently lentils are a legume and not recommended for the Paleo diet. It doesn't sound like they're considered too terrible, though. I downloaded the "fast paleo" app to learn more about it. Wow, looks like a lot of recipes!

03-15-13, 05:09 PM
I agree that diet is really important when it comes to overall health and wellness, and plays a big role in our mental health symptoms. But I don't buy the "Paleo diet" as a cure-all for our myriad ailments. I'm sure it works for some people, and it's great to cut the super-processed crap out of your diet. But I don't believe that extremely limited, exclusive dieting is a good idea in general, no matter what type of diet it is - Paleo, Atkins, etc.

Humans began ingesting cereal grains (wheat, maize [which was originally domesticated from the teosinte grass], barley, oats, millet, quinoa, etc.) after the agrarian revolution, which started in the fertile crescent area over 12,000 years ago. We didn't just start eating these foods in the last hundred years... we've been eating them for MORE than long enough to adapt to digesting these foods. Our entire digestive tract, from our teeth (broad, flat grinding premolars and molars, dull cuspids, broad, sharp incisors) to the length of our large intestine, is well-adapted to vegetation, which includes cereal grains (they're a modified grass). There's no supported scientific evidence and no biological indication that these foods are actually harmful to us.

If cereal grains are "killing us all slowly", they're doing it really, REALLY slowly. I think if the population hasn't significantly died off after 12,000 years of eating them, we're probably safe.

Eating too much of anything is going to have negative consequences, so yeah, eating a diet that's heavy in carb-laden cereal grains and fruit sugar that you're not burning off is going to have negative consequences for your body. But those foods are not inherently unhealthy. Even water will kill you if you drink too much of it.

03-15-13, 07:18 PM
I agree, keliza, I looked into the pros and cons of the diet and it doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense overall, though there are some good points.

I strongly believe in the validity of the information in "The Diet Cure" or "The Mood Cure" by Julia Ross about nutritional therapy, and she agrees on some points with the Paleo diet. Like supporting a high fat, high vegetable, and low/no sugar diet. I've also heard from several different sources that Soy is not real great, so I avoid that.

My wife is addicted to sugar and doesn't like most vegetables, so I'm interested in looking into the Paleo diet as something that might work for her. I found a few recipes I'm going to try for her. She eats a lot of peanuts, peanut butter cups, and chili; and the Paleo diet has what looks like some good alternatives for those, so we'll see.

03-15-13, 07:55 PM
I wouldn't be surprised if nutrition helped curb the effects of adhd, or bad nutrition mimick certain symptoms. Alhough (I still won't agree that eating healthy is a perfect cure for ADHD.)

I'm a health nut too - always try to buy organic, take daily vitamins and minerals, and I always read the back of the labels of food. Some of the stuff is pretty freaky (but hey, it's edible. :p ) If bad nutrition promotes certain symptoms of memory and focus, then it just blankets over existing ADHD and makes it worse.

Glad to hear it's helped you out. ^^

Ibicella Lutae
03-16-13, 12:01 AM
I do think that you are right. Our food culture here in the United States is appalling. I grow a lot of our own food to save money and raise livestock. The difference is ASTOUNDING. Healthy chickens allowed to scratch about and live normally lay eggs like nothing you've ever tasted, and heritage vegetables (the kind our grandparents grew) are full and bursting with nutrition and flavor, unlike the tasteless, uniform GMO and cloned crap in our grocery stores. It's like a night and day difference.

I'm extremely glad your diet has worked for you. I eat mostly vegetables with some meat and a little starch, and exercise. I did try Paleo-Primal as well but it didn't seem to make much more of a difference for me so I added back some bread and things. This has REALLY helped a lot with many of my issues, though it's not a cure all. I wouldn't do anything different though.

03-16-13, 04:36 AM
One of the challanges with diet changes is the "order" needed to implement them and ambiguity in the effects.

I also agree with the general principles. Water, sleep, exercise being the big three. I'm sure many "mild" or "youthful" folks could circumvent meds via diet alone.

Personally, I just find it so hard to even cook three meals a day let alone make sure they are all part of such and such a food group.

I currently do Bvitamins, multimvitamins+fishoil and excercise.

Sleep is irregular due to too much coffee and sugar and this is what i'm working on next. It is going to take ages to fine tune the diet, again, because unless you go the whole hog, it can be so hard to determine what is causing the issues.

03-17-13, 11:48 AM
The crockpot is your best friend, cook a meal and it it for the next two days! Easy. And I agree organic and homegrown is the way to go! I'm not opposed to limited minimally processed grains as long as you are not gluten intolerant like me. But the vegetables, meat, and balance are the key. And no I wasn't saying grains "were killing us all slowly" I said the typical American diet was! Processed crap, sugar, and fast food! And there is nothing extreme about paleo unless you are used to eating McDonald's everyday, then I guess it wood be extreme! To each his own, just trying to help.

03-17-13, 12:32 PM
Good point. No coincidence most conditions only occurred round 19th century.

If you would go back in time you would make the same mistakes as that was your mentality at that time influenced by events that occurred at that time. Unfortunately.

You don't know what catastrophes might result from a different choice that at this moment might look tempting, but as the decision made one year turns out horrible now, the other decision might turn out worse on longer term. No, you did what you had to.

One of my rules is, only eating real food, and maximum thrice a day I actually have a sport oriented food schedule myself. Just, without the sport :lol:

Out of curiosity, where did you find the recipes or food schedules ?

03-17-13, 01:11 PM
well, im trying to make better meals...
today, pork roast, spinach, quinoa/bulgar. yay!
i dont think the complete paleo thing would work for us though. also i have fast food once a week.
i practically ended processed cookies etc. i found some organic milk chocolate, if its going to be fattening at least its not total junk.

03-17-13, 10:26 PM
Detailed advice and diet plan I designed is here:

20, 000 is NOTHING for evolution relative to how long humans were living in paleolithic age. These diseases do not get in a way of reproduction so much as evolution can possibly be totally useless to eliminate this, just like it didn't eliminate Huntington's from the gene pool as it hits people at later ages after they spread their genes.

Vegitable oils came out a few decades ago, sugar few hundred, super-processed food few years. So there is good reason not to trust it. Lot's of lobbying from food-industry agricultural industry, pharma etc... Keep in mind our food industry is the most profitable food industry in the world.

03-17-13, 10:52 PM
I eat paleo and I still am ADHD lol

03-17-13, 10:56 PM
My dad was born with autism in India. Not sure what chemicals they put in the food in that Assamese village.

My parents during my infancy were pretty much hippies. So there was barely any processed food in my diet. We lived in a small quiet town of about 800 people.

I'm pretty healthy, stay away from processed foods and additives. I usually get a reaction from it if I have it. It does make my ADHD worse but without them I still have ADHD.

I mean maybe some people have symptoms similar to ADHD but that doesn't mean it's not a genetic disorder. It's also a very very old disorder. In the ancient times people with mental disorders were thought to be possessed by devils.

It's just a random coming together of genes, influenced by our parents and grandparents genes, and within the arrangement an anonamly happens, maybe because of problems in the womb or maybe because nature just doesn't always get it right. Look at all the failed planets and failed solar systems out there. So far the only habitable planet found is Earth. Earth is a Neurotypical.

Also, I don't live in America.

Also, isn't white rice meant to be bad for you?

I like to discover the mysteries in nature, not blame other people. Hate just makes you angry.