View Full Version : Ideas for Focalin's inconsistent effectiveness?

Jake the Dog
03-14-13, 10:49 PM
I'm on Focalin XR (20 mg), and overall it is the best ADHD medication I've tried. Metadate CD was a close second and I felt that I was more organized, but the big problem there was that the time release was very odd with a very low percentage of the med released immediately (only 27%--not a good thing in the morning), and so I had to switch.

The odd thing about Focalin is that it's more effective than Metadate, but also far, far more inconsistent. When it works, it's the best--I have drive, focus, and I get my work done. But on the days when it doesn't, I end up feeling incredibly scattered and unorganized--it's almost as though it actually makes my ADHD symptoms worse. There doesn't appear to be a rhyme or reason to this; my diet is the same every day, and I take the same dosage every morning.

Has anyone had similar experiences with Focalin, and if so, have you found a solution that helps the med become more consistent (i.e., eating breakfast, taking Magnesium or Vitamin C, etc)? I'm almost ready to go back to Metadate, but I'm torn because Focalin is quite a bit better when it actually works. Any advice would be appreciated--thanks!

03-14-13, 11:02 PM
this is the sad fact of Focalin. When it does in fact work, it blows every other med out of the park. Only if you could have it work consistently, the possibilities would be endless.

ana futura
03-18-13, 04:18 AM
I think it's a really good med for people who don't like to take meds every day. I think using it only for specific tasks makes it work better.

I only take it for school work and certain social occasions, and it seems really consistent so far. I always try to get started on my work without it, because I am resistant to meds period, and I'd rather go without them. When I really just can't get going, I take the focalin and it all starts to come together.

When I tried to take it daily it didn't really work. I need to already be in the right headspace on it. I find environmental cues really helpful- "I'm in the library, that means I'm here to work." I think that approach is helpful on all meds.

As a bonus the motivational aspect seems to last well beyond the med wearing off for me. When I've been taking it more often I do feel more optimistic about my future.

Another reason I take it "as needed" is that I get no hangover from it at all- all other meds make me feel crappy for a day or two after.

I really hope it doesn't crap out on me, it's the best med I've tried.