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03-15-13, 05:28 PM
A Friend Of A Friends, Her Name is Chaos is Wondering This...

Chaos Takes Ritalin(R), Wellbutrin(W), and Hydroxyzine(H). Chaos Is wondering how H interacts with the other 2 meds W & R.

Chaos takes
- R: 40mg bid

- W: 100mg bid (Most Common), Sometimes 150mg in the AM & 100mg at night, Sometimes 100mg in the AM & 50mg in the Afternoon & 50mg at night.

- H:About 35mg in the mornings
- H: About 35mg around 10:30-11am
- H: About 25mg around 12pm-2pm
- H About 35mg around 2pm-4pm
- H: 50mg-100mg before bed

Chaos Does not take her R & H daily. Chaos usually does not take that many dosages of H daily. Usually just the 1st AM dosage. Occasionally Chaos will add in the other times to take her H.

So Chaos Is wondering what are the extra effects of mixing all 3 of these meds?