View Full Version : Living towards goals to get through days

03-17-13, 12:17 PM
Ok, I'm way too impatient to write long so I'll get straight the point like y'all love it :

Do you also have days you live by setting a, or several goals in the day and live to that ? If you don't have it, feels like time & space are the gigantic gaps or holes pointlessly swirling around ?

Again, sorry, I wish I could but lacking motivation to write further details, but you get the point right ?

03-17-13, 12:33 PM
maybe you're just bored or depressed.
find a job, a therapist, a new hobbie or someone to love

03-18-13, 06:42 AM
Sounds like me right now. I live by my 10 things to do today list.

03-18-13, 07:03 AM
it's not that I live by daily goals,
but when I'm not at work and I don't note them somewhere, it's generally just not going to get done (even if it's something fun & interesting).

03-18-13, 08:33 AM
I think, having goals and focusing on achieving them definitely helps getting through the day. However, if I don't achieve a goal or sub goal I get very frustrated.

03-18-13, 10:46 AM
Lists like that are often a curse, sometimes a blessing for me as @Fuzzy12 states.

It can help to have some structure if I remember to go back and remind myself what's on the list periodically.

But it can be frustrating when I get halfway through the day and haven't checked off enough...