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03-17-13, 09:49 PM
This is a continuation of my last post. I spent ridiculous time reading every book and blog under the sun to design this and combined many ideas. Do this for two weeks strict and report back.

This diet is combination of paleo/allergy-sensitivity elimination/auto-immune protocol/caliac, IBS, Crohn's, Leaky gut-healing/optimized nutritionally/supplemented minimally and wisely/super cheap.

I am not claiming this is mainstream accepted way to eat, but it's free of status-quo, hype, researched to my best ability. I have Neurosicence/CS degree and volunteered in metabolic research lab so I can't claim I can answer all the questions but I do know enough to understand many things I read. And yes it is experimental, but you will effeminately not die. I am not claiming you will be cured but there is a chance.

There is nothing here that I didn't have a good reason to include or eliminate. It is not low carb nor do I think research supports low-carb unless you are bipolar/brain cancer then you can try similar but ketogenic diet after following this for few weeks. Do not go low carb otherwise, it can potentially cause you to go temporarily hypothyroidal/go through severe metabolic changes for a few weeks causing much worse mental function.

Note: When I say "can-risk" I mean can potentially be food sensitivity.

1. 2x Sweet potatoes.
2. 2x White potatoes (they complement nutritionally really well).
3. 200g ground-Beef (B12-vits etc, protein, safe fats. Preferably grass-fed but not necessarily).
4. 1x Grapefruit (Mainly for vit-C. If possible citric fruit allergy try another fruit with lots vit C)
5. 3x Egg Yolks (NO WHITES, can be sensitive/allergic. But mega high on nutrients so must be included.)

Try aim for 7/3 fat to carb ratio in calories and get minimally 100g carbs, and minimally 50g protein. The list above is minimal foods to get all micro-nutrients, protein, carbs but not fats. Safe fat/oil list is given further.

Other ways to fulfill caloric need (don't try to eat less or stay hungry. Eat when hungry. This is not about weight loss or starvation. Do not limit calories.) Safe to eat most fruits, avocados, but try to stick to potatoes as safe ultra nutritious carb source and if you can't live without grain ONLY white (NOT BROWN) rice is allowed as it seems to be the safest grain and generally besides being not too nutritional is not problematic for most people.

Daily MUST Supplements (make sure they are safe, absorbable and good quality. For reasonably cheap I suggest Jarrow on amazon):
2500-5000 Vit D3 (right after waking up, NOT at night or might get insomnia)
Vit K2 (Mk-5 or Mk-7)
Real no additives fermented sauerkraut or kimchi (if not take quality probiotic pill. Please don't skip this. Probably good idea not to eat kefir or anything milk fermented as we are avoiding all potential food sensitivities.)
Preferrably ~50-100mg chelated Magnesium
~500mcg Iodine (J.Crows. Can risk small dose sea-weed for the same effect.)
Omega 3 ~1g(Fish Oil or Krill Oil supps. EPA-DHA. Can risk fish for the same effect.

Vit E (Red Palm Oil)
Beef liver ~100g (vit A, copper.)
Both E and A are fat soluble so load up but not too much, that's why its meant for weekly.

Cooking fats/oils (only this).
Olive oil safe for mid-low temp (smokes/becomes harmful at high).
Coconut oil best, especially for high as it doesn't break down. (It is also very good anti fungal/microbial to rule out certain parasites)

Do not cut down salt intake.
Lots of water. Coffee is fine. Add coconut oil instead of milk. Nothing else.

Your only spices are fats given above and salt (you can risk butter but ideally eliminate to rule out anything milk).

DO NOT MEGADOSE on any supplements. Eat at any frequency but preferably not right before sleep.

What this will do for you:
This is the best I can come up with for ruling out food sensitivities, gut problems, removing all toxins, optimizing and resupplying nutrition levels in the blood, keeping immune healthy yet avoiding food related activity. anti-inflammatory. Restore gut-floora. Restore vit-d (it is now known to be an important hormone).

Sleep related optionals to optimize sleep:
No late coffee.
Darkness therapy using amber blue-light blocking glasses. Look around there are cheap once. Or can simply avoid all light, use only candles at night and install. Install f.lux software on computer.
Light therapy by either going out in the sun, or buying light therapy lamp. If you go out to the sun for an hour you can skip vit D supp.
Wake up same time, go to sleep when tired.

Optional Addition of vit-C supp. Megadose is fine.

Do what I said strictly and report back with experience. I did my best research trying to avoid bias and save you research. (use this to verify nutritional DV% and plan your own daily meals)

Good science based sources to read: (beginning to end) (paleo with scientific bend and optimizations) (inspiration) (not TOO scientific but no ******** either. Great podcast with scientists and great articles).

I really recommend keeping a daily journal, mood, sleep log etc... Do not cheat. After 2-3 weeks you can start introducing other foods and see how your body reacts. It is safe to eat this way indefinitely.

Keep in mind that this diet is designed to ONLY include these foods and has to be following completely. Any other food or not eating something here and you might be missing something I added for a very good reason or eating harmful stuff that defeats the whole purpose and nullifies the test.

03-17-13, 10:03 PM
My expirience with eating this way for 3 weeks.

Medication works much better, had to cut down 1/2 dose to not get manic.
Tingling neuropathies gone.
No more brain fog or sluggishness both physically and mentally.
Brighter, more vivid, sharper vision.
No more absolute requirement to drink coffee anymore.
No anxiety or mood swings. Super happy.

I have no idea if I would feel normal without medication. I can't risk it atm, but will try later.

I felt better first 2 days, worst for 3-5 days, and then super good from then on. Don't know why I felt worse for few days, could be that I got little sick.

03-17-13, 10:46 PM

A song to listen to while having difficulty quitting addicting industrial foods.

03-17-13, 11:10 PM
And yes it is experimental, but you will effeminately not die. I don't want to die effeminately! ;)

Is your diet inadvisable for a growing child? I am trying Dr. Doris Rapp's Multiple Food Elimination Diet for an 11-year old. After at least 7 days, she advises adding back one food item at a time. We added back milk today.

03-17-13, 11:13 PM
I don't want to die effeminately! ;)

Is your diet inadvisable for a growing child? I am trying Dr. Doris Rapp's Multiple Food Elimination Diet for an 11-year old. After at least 7 days, she advises adding back one food item at a time. We added back milk today.

I don't see why not especially for 11-year old. Problem with elimination diet is it only eliminates allergens but not all food related problems and doesn't show you what it feels like to have fully supported nutritionally brain etc...