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03-18-13, 10:39 AM
Hi all.
so I have been on wellbutrin for almost 11 months now and it has been working great on me. in the beginning it gave me this huge boost in energy, helped me focus, eliminated my anxiety and turned my mood around from chit to pizza.
Now Its nothing like it was. no real energy, i get anxious in social situations hardly helps my focus and my mood is not so good. its still better than nothing but its effects are nothing like when i started. all of this seemed to have happened all at once.
one night i had a coffee and i had this social thing i needed to attend and it was just terrible. I could not calm down! it was scary my anxiety was at the roof, i was just a twitching wreck. when i came home after that i drowned in shock and self pity. i ate a lot since that seems to calm me down and just sat and surfed on my laptop and watched tv for hours until 7 am then went to sleep. I really haven't been the same since. I am anxious on and off now during my day and so does the wellbutrin seems to be working on and off. A lot of my day has depression in it as apposed to before my focus has pretty much gone to chit as function of my anxiety going up. im not happy.
what do you think happened here?what can be done? do you think there is any use increasing my dose from 150x2 to 200 x2? i believe this is the highest dose when it comes to wellbutrin so this basically means once i get used to this there is nowhere to go.
guys, i'm really desperate here because i was really starting to feel good about my life..looking at the future making plans anything seemed possible and now im back to this chit all over again.
I would very much appreciate any suggestions from any of you or any thoughts on the matter...and I thank you for your help in advance.