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(There is some really helpful charts in the research link below, about brain development.)

Brain overgrowth in autism during a critical time in development: implications for frontal pyramidal neuron and interneuron development and connectivity

While abnormalities in head circumference in autism have been observed for decades, it is only recently that scientists have begun to focus in on the developmental origins of such a phenomenon. In this article we review past and present literature on abnormalities in head circumference, as well as recent developmental MRI studies of brain growth in this disorder. We hypothesize that brain growth abnormalities are greatest in frontal lobes, particularly affecting large neurons such as pyramidal cells, and speculate how this abnormality might affect neurofunctional circuitry in autism. The relationship to clinical characteristics and other disorders of macrencephaly are discussed.

Autism; Brain development; Frontal cortex; Pyramidal neurons; Head circumference

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Could you see if there is information about ADD, in the OP article.

See link "View Within Article" (after the quote below at the bottom of page, in the OP link)

Table 1. A selected list of other syndromes characterized by early brain overgrowth

Although there is undergrowth in the Right Orbito Frontal Cortex areas, in all people with ADD.

I think I heard that there is sometimes overgrowth of some motor cortex systems, in some people with ADD?

(if I understand correctly)

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This is consistent with a lot of the information in the CARTA series of videos on "Human Origins: Lessons from Autism." They're long, and there are 12 videos in this playlist, but they're incredibly fascinating.

Human Origins: Lessons from Autism (

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Thanks Amtram.