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03-18-13, 08:35 PM
So, Muppets, you lost.

What I would like is, instead of focussing on negatives, for every member of the team to post, on this thread, what they DID do in this task :)

03-18-13, 09:26 PM
I volunter to be fired. Though I promis to still participate in threads. :)

03-18-13, 09:29 PM
May I ask why?

03-18-13, 09:33 PM
it may sound dumb, but any kind of compatition triggers anxiety for me, even fun games like this.

03-18-13, 09:35 PM
Understood. Sorry to see you go :) Thanks for playing.

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Task 1 Bored-Room Closed


03-18-13, 10:04 PM
I will be honest and and say that I personally had no idea what my role was, and it wasn't for lack of trying on my team's part. I am still confused actually. *scratches head* Do-over? Or am I forever kicked out of ADDF games?

03-18-13, 10:38 PM


Only one person gets eliminated each task. You are safe.

03-18-13, 10:40 PM
Wait, so I am still playing? I'm so confused! LOL

03-18-13, 10:53 PM
When your team loses, one person gets eliminated.

Usually I would chose who, after discussing the task, but since saturday offered her up, the rest of the team is safe for now.

I shall announce Task 2 shortly :)

03-19-13, 06:09 AM
Task 2 Announced -

03-19-13, 02:45 PM
it may sound dumb, but any kind of compatition triggers anxiety for me, even fun games like this.

You have to do what's best for you. I just want to say thanks for competing and getting the Reality Game off to an exciting start.

I'm not usually competetive, but this has really got me interested.
And I'm having Fun!

03-28-13, 09:20 AM
Bored-Room Week 2 (Muppets)

Sarek, Amber, Doi, Melly and Sarah

Please each answer the following questions:

1. What happened in this task?

2. Since we did not get a chance to discuss, what happened in last weeks task?

Please remember this is a game on a support forum; no attacking your team mates :)

03-28-13, 11:36 AM
I am going to fall on the sword this week, darling Abi. As much as I love the boards and my teammates I don't think I have the kind of time commitment and accountability necessary to assist my team. But I wish everybody luck!! :)

03-28-13, 11:42 AM
Melly, sorry to see you go. Thanks for playing. :)

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Task 2 Bored-Room Closed

Task 3 will be announced shortly.


03-28-13, 11:42 AM
My pleasure! :)

03-28-13, 12:25 PM
Wait ....... what? I'm confused now ....... I posted in the drifters thread and the muppets thread so whose team am I on? :scratch:

03-28-13, 12:31 PM

You never applied to play.

03-28-13, 12:43 PM
Abi I'll PM you :scratch:

03-28-13, 03:00 PM
Life happened. Running out of spoons just about halfway through the week.

04-22-13, 10:57 PM
Mmm,what happened. . .sorry fellow muppeteers,for not,doing anything really,
at all,apart from post in our counterparts drift thing thread,thus helping them one post closer to infinity.

04-23-13, 12:47 AM
i think everyone is too busy, or otherwise engaged, including the taskmaster.

04-23-13, 08:29 AM
hah. busy would be an understatement from my corner of the world.