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01-29-05, 08:19 AM
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Here's a site with a ton of information including books , publications, reports and other resources !

I don't think I'd ever let my kids take any psychotropic drugs under any circumstances ! Heres some data I gathered in the form of a rough report !
Watching these drugs destroy childrens lifes in the states is a really sad reality !
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I guess you guys are aware that the psycholigist are currently treating children with psychotropic medicines that include dangerous stimilants to children who have never been hyperactive by diagnosing them with ADD and ADHD.
The whole idea behind these treatments was to use these drugs to exhaust hyperactive children so they wouldn't be so active and so they would become more manageable and not to make children hyper ! To make children hyperactive through medication who are not hyperactive in the pursuit of a diagnoses that has no scientific merit is insanity !

The girl next door has been diagnosed with add or adhd and ocd but she's never been overactive and has never acted compulsive in her whole life ! She use to be pretty bright and alert but after she started being medicated she began having problems communicating and her body is constantly twitching and in motion from the medicine ! For Example - The other day she was so tired she couldn't keep her head up but her leg was moving fast enough where she could have been running ! She constantly looks and acts if as she's being stressed out from the medicine ! She just turned 18 ! If she remains medicated for many more years the effects could become more destructive and permenant.
I think she should file a civil suite because -
1. ADD and ADHD has no bases in physical science and is a disease of opinion or profit.
2. Ritalin is more potent and addicting than cocaine.
3. She's never had any signs of hyperactivity or of being compulsive.
4. Ritalin alters/damages/changes the brain.
5. Psychotropic drugs are damaging to your health.
6. People being treated for ADHD can die , get brain damage and have suicidal feelings.
7. Ritlain causes pychosis, depression, dizziness,insomnia,nervousness,irratability,and attacks of tourette's or tic syndrome.
8. Their is a cause and effect relationship between violience and psychotropic drugs.
9. Ritalin has strong effects on serotonin levels on the brain.
10. SSRI's can create mania and psychotic episodes.
11. 1. In his book, Ritalin Nation, Richard DeGrandpre, Ph.D., states, “One study, reported in the journal Pediatrics, found that 80% of the children thought to be hyperactive, according to home and school reports, showed ‘exemplary behavior and no sign of hyperactivity in the office.’ This finding is consistent with numerous studies showing, and dozens of newspaper articles reporting, considerable disagreement among parents, teachers, and clinicians about who qualifies for a diagnosis. This can only raise questions about the existence of ADD as a real medical phenomenon since it is these symptoms alone that are the basis of the diagnosis.”

For children and adolecents to have to go through the constant agony of such mis-diagnoses is terrifying !
I hate to think what becomes of people who never stop taking the medicine ! We have a lady in her thirties, that lives a little further down the street, who takes medicine for ADHD. She's turned into an anorexic and sometimes talks out of her mind ! It's really kind of sad considering she use to be a rather normal person. She had never been hyperactive before her medication !

Heres an editorial I wrote the other day to the Herald Dispatch in WV ! I got a call back yesterday with their interest to print it !

Every one that I've ever met who's been prescribed medicine for ADD or ADHD has never shown the ability to concentrate better, get better grades, or communicate better after being medicated ! In fact they have all seemed to rapidly regress in these areas ! It appears now that their medicating children that have no signs of hyperactivity with the same medicine that their treating children with hyperactivity. The physical and mental anxiety from the medication is constantly apparent in both principals !
I don't think that medicating children with vast amounts of mind and health degenerating drugs is the answer to America's future. America currently leads the world with the percentage of mental disorders which is currently at 26 percent of the U. S. population.

I want to take a minute and point out how ridiclious this has become !
A report in the July 1998 issue of the Clinical Psychiatric News revealed that in Michigan's Medicaid program, 223 children 3 years old or younger were diagnosed with ADHD as of December 1996. Amazingly, 57 percent of these children, many of whom are not yet capable of putting together a complete sentence, were treated with one or more psychotropic drugs including Ritalin, Prozac, Dexedrine, Aventyl and Syban. Thirty-three percent were medicated with two or more of these drugs.

Here's some more interesting facts !
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01-29-05, 12:13 PM
Given the way you feel, I'd suggest that you don't take stimulants yourself. But since what you've typed above is completely untrue, I'd suggest you not give anyone any advise, as you don't appear to know what you're talking about. Nice anicdotal "evidence" about the girl next door and the lady down the street - what is their own opinion of their medication? - if they in fact exist, that is.

01-29-05, 02:29 PM
The Herald Dispatch in W. VA.....well, at least now I know not to ever allow this outlet to publish any of my work.

Greg, well said.....

01-29-05, 03:04 PM
go greg & free!!! Interesting, I just read in the latest ADDitude magazine that there was evidence that brain damage occurred in children when drugs were NOT used, that continuing in their ADD state unaided, caused permanent damage.

01-29-05, 05:02 PM
Well don't you think that when I grew up their were children that behavior problems ! The teachers gave someone a spanking and everyone sat down and did their work ! It amazes me on how acceptable todays society has become programed to find a pharmacutical cure to promote a trillion dollar industry ! If you and the administrators of this board don't think pyschotropic drugs are very dangerous , you better back up and do some research !

I guess that children will be children and most all of them will grow out of
most of their childhood and adolecent
behaviors so I really don't think medicating them is the answer

In the U. S. their was 696,994 deaths in U. S. psychiatric hospitals alone and the death rate still remains extremly high ! Many other countries have similar figures !

Your not doing your children or your community any favors by endorsing industry growth through health care !

01-29-05, 05:04 PM
The following para shold have read between 1950 and 1964 -
In the U. S. their was 696,994 deaths in U. S. psychiatric hospitals alone and the death rate still remains extremly high ! Many other countries have similar figures !

01-29-05, 06:28 PM
Well, Thomas Brown Phd has done research which shows that executive functioning improves with Stimulant medication. Russle Barkely has also done plently of research too.

The purpose of this forum is for people affected by ADD to support each other. Medication is just one of the treatment options discussed here. There are numerous non-pharmaceutical options that are also discusses here. If you choose not to use medication that is your choice.

Most of the member here at ADD Forums who have chosen to either take medication themselves or give it to their children have done so carefully. Many have educated themselves and read both sides of the medication debate.

Rom most of your statements are just scare tactics or half truths. I really think you would benefit from educating youself from sources that give a balanced view of AD/HD. Thom Hartmann and Edward Hallowell are two very good experts whose work you might want to take a look at.

Coral Rhedd
01-29-05, 07:15 PM
Well don't you think that when I grew up their were children that behavior problems ! The teachers gave someone a spanking and everyone sat down and did their work ! !
Ah yes, spanking. That time-honored solution that borders on child abuse. I can understand you skepticism about the pharmaceutical industry. Just can't figure out why you thinking spanking would be a solution.

(Isn't it interesting that it is against the law to hit everyone except children.)

I think there is a contradiction inherent in your thinking. If not having medication makes children so out of control that they need spanking, aren't you implying that medication works?