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01-29-05, 10:38 PM
There once was a girl who felt sad.
She told her teacher she wanted to die.
The teacher gave her a strange and steady look,
then shook the girl and told her never to talk that way again.
There once was a girl who felt bad.
She told her doctor she wanted to die.
He gave her pills to make things better,
then told her there was nothing more he could do.
There once was a girl who felt mad.
She told her family she wanted to die.
They gave her a ride to the psychiatric hospital,
then told her everything would be fine.
There once was a girl that had nowhere to turn.
She wrote her feelings in a notebook
and gave herself a slash on each wrist,
then went to bed knowing she'd never feel sad again.


not the greatest poem I've written, poorly worded, but I think the meaning is well-conveyed.