View Full Version : Something I wrote for darling snugglebug Dylan

03-24-13, 09:10 AM
Last year we were together
In each others hearts
Loving each other forever
Now you're gone and I'm alone

Undeserving of love and care
Never to be forgiven by you
Wishing I was with you there
Crying from the pain of loss

I'll never hear your purr again
Never see flowers by your grave
Having to lie about the pain
I didn't mean to hurt you babe

Watching your heart break
As I walked away in betrayal
Having to act like a fake
But deep inside crying for you

You probably hate me now
Watching me sadly
Crying "Why" and "How"
Desperately yowling for me

I used to cry in my own way
Watching the blood running
Looking at the sky I pray
Please be safe my lovely

I hope to see you again one day
Need to apologise for the pain
Deserve to suffer until you're okay
Rest in peace my darling snugglebug