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01-30-05, 04:01 AM
I have recently been diagnosed with Add, I am 33y and began taking 5mg adderall today I feel fine. Wondering if this is a normal dose to start someone on. Any input is always appreciated. I definately feel more focused and awake.

01-30-05, 05:34 AM
5mg is a good starting point - most doctors will start you on a lower dose for a while and slowly increase until you are happy with the results (hopefully). The amount a person needs can vary wildly from person to person. There will be an optimum dose that gives you the maximum relief from your ADD symptoms. More than this amount will be counter productive - too much stimulant will cause you to lose focus! The trick is in determining this dose, and trial and error is the only way to really do it - and it can be hard to judge what "feels" best. Often the people around you will notice a greater difference than you might be able to notice in yourself, so sometimes asking a spouse helps.
Congrats on the ADD diagnosis - you've had it all your life and now that it's diagnosed, you can do something to treat it! I was diagnosed last year at 39 years of age and it was one of the best things to have happened to me!

01-30-05, 03:17 PM
I was diagnosed in 2001 and did nothing with the information. I waited until my life had come completely unglued which I regret but have moved on.

A diagnosis was my friend and I didn't recognise it. Now I appreciate that there are ways to help and stimulants have been good for me.

Gregster is dead on about he dosages. I was encouraged to try small changes in doseage and once I was use to the stimulant small changes made a difference.
Good luck with it all.
Cheers! Ian.

02-21-05, 12:11 AM
I have figured out that 10mg at 6am and then again around 1pm and weekends again around 4pm.

My Dr. suggested 20mg or 30mg in the morning but it just made me speedy. It doesn't seem to work much more than six hours so this works for me.