View Full Version : Related to Sensory Sensitivity?

03-26-13, 01:14 PM
After reading through some of these posts, I realized that I am very sensitive to many things that my friends aren't. here's a list of a few things that really bug me that weren't in other threads.

-Wet socks or rocks in socks (even the tiniest ones) or lint clusters in socks

-While driving, and the cars blinker ahead of me is a different tempo than mine.

-Really bright colors, especially in florescent lights.

-Can't sleep if breathing though mouth, or if room is too bright, or if nose is covered.

-Sneezing from the sun

-If two people in the same room are playing music at the same time

-If, while whistling, I notice someone else whistling.

-Sometimes my watch bugs me, even though I wear it all the time. I can't sleep if I'm wearing it.

-When the t.v. is on, but it's too noisy to hear it. (What's the point?)

-Extremely sensitive to Bell Peppers and Green Chilies. (My dad doesn't believe me).

-Stepping over cracks in floor tiles or sidewalks etc.

Anyone else experience any of these sorts of things? Is it related to ADHD?

03-26-13, 10:35 PM
A lot of people with ADHD have other brain-related co-morbidities. DD has sensory processing disorder, in which she seeks sensations such as deep hugs, while you seem to be hypersensitive to stimuli. Is it related to ADHD?