View Full Version : cleaning chemicals, aroma therapy, colonge?

03-27-13, 06:05 AM
I'm sure this has been asked before, but do any of these give you a headache after breathing in? I know you are supposed to clean in a well ventilated area but the bathroom with no windows... there is no escape.

03-27-13, 06:06 AM
i only experience this when huffing ;)

03-27-13, 06:09 AM
eyes you would

03-27-13, 08:39 AM
Those things all make me sick as well. I'm lucky to have found a boss who
works with me to find cleaning products that I can use without getting sick.

I keep a cloth face mask in my jeans pocket for those times when I have to
sit in a waiting room where they have air freshener going, or someone is
wearing perfume. Sometimes I simply have to leave the room because the
mask isn't enough.

At home I use baking soda and vinegar to clean. I buy unscented laundry
detergent and use no fabric softener in the dryer. I also use those "magic"
cleaning sponges with one white side and one blue side. They're awesome
for cleaning sinks and tubs and no smell at all.

03-27-13, 10:06 AM
I totally feel wierd after smelling this stuff

03-27-13, 10:34 AM
I love them all. I also love gasoline. I'm a freeeeak.

03-27-13, 10:56 AM
no, but my husband does from cleaning products, and they really irritate his throat.
I'd rather just "nuke" everything with strong products (it just seems cleaner that way! but not so great for the environment either...)
we've been using more natural products lately. based on "savon de marseille" apparently, or "savon noir".

03-30-13, 02:48 PM
I hate windex, oxy clean and pine cleaner. :shivers:

03-30-13, 05:59 PM
Use weaker cleaning products wherever possible.

Note that the "magic" sponges are very scratchy - be careful what you use them on!

12-09-13, 02:27 PM
Cleaning products and other things that supposedly smell good drive me nuts. Yet, I have a high tolerance for bad odors.

Anyone else have this issue?

01-14-14, 08:32 AM
depends on how 'bad' you're talking. most strong 'cover up' smells (cleaning, perfumes, etc) will bother me on some level, whereas many 'bad' smells do not make my head hurt. but when you're talking bad 'human' smells (unclean person, dead person, rotting smells)...those can make me vomit.

01-14-14, 10:41 AM
I buy only perfume free stuff- it's more expensive, but worth it. As for essential oils, I can tolerate them, but only if the smell isn't too strong. Try going inside a gym locker room- it's a freaking gas chamber!

01-14-14, 10:45 AM
Chalky... would be the best way i'd describe it... stuffy... ichy... yuck!

I'm generally ok with citrus, pine... etc... alot of floral or musky stuff gets me real irratable :(

01-14-14, 10:46 AM
I love perfume, but lighter fruitier ones. Eau de Toilette types really. Heavy perfumes give me a headache. When I enter department stores through the perfume area (why are these always at the entrance??? :mad:) I have to hold my breath or I'll get a terrible headache.

I don't have a great sense of smell but most odours I dislike. When I clean the bathrooms, I switch on the vent and open all windows in the house but the smell is still too strong. I just dislike it though, it doesn't make me feel unwell really though I can imagine that it can give lots of people a headache. I think, in general, it isn't too healthy to inhale strong detergent fumes. Difficult to avoid though.

01-14-14, 12:35 PM
My reaction to all air fresheners and most perfumes/colognes is to feel weak and hyper-emotional.
Later comes the feeling sick or getting a headache.

My daughter says she can taste the air fresheners and some perfumes/colognes,
they taste "fuzzy" or "furry" to her.

I've only had that reaction to one air freshener and it was very, very strange.

For me, these things don't cover up a bad smell, they simply add another layer of smell to the bad smell.

Most people have no idea how many layers of smells they are contributing.

Their clothes are washed and dried in scented products.
Their shampoo and body wash/soap are scented.
They put on perfume/cologne.
And then they plug in the air freshener, or squirt it, or light a scented candle.
Layer on layer on layer.
That is what I call air pollution. :umm1:

02-13-14, 05:26 AM
I'm so anal about how stuff smells. I know I've come on here griping about that before.

But I've found that switching to non-scented/non perfumed products/stuff with less synthetic ingredients has greatly improved my tolerance to scents of all kind... even that accursed body odor smell that makes my stomach flip. Heck, I haven't used anti-perspirant since July! I found a deodorant combo that worked well for me, but since I moved back home I haven't been able to find the kind I was using locally. I've tried the Jason unscented but it doesn't last near as long. Yes I've always said I can't stand the smell of my own B/O and I've had to put up with it because of this. I'm amazed how much this has changed my life.

I hate the smell of some of clothes after washing them with natural un-scented laundry soda/wash, but when I put them on and wear it, I don't even notice it.

I've gotten into essential oils, and they've improved all aspects of my life (including significant emotional and some help with ADD!), I don't use any harsh cleaners, soaps, perfumes, body sprays, air fresheners, or anything like that anymore, and it's been great!! There's a lot of great products without chemicals that clean as good or better than the heavy chemical-filled commercial counterparts. I don't even need windex.

I only wear essential oils and, I've been around friends and people who have violent reactions to synthetic chemicals (migraines/vomiting, allergic reactions) and no one has had an issue. I don't overdo it, I want the therapeutic benefits more than the scent, but it's nice that I can smell something nice when I move my head, and it doesn't cause issues.

02-13-14, 12:04 PM
Essential oils don't usually bother me, but I was at a Yule celebration where the host

blessed everyone with essential oil, all but one man, and just the smell of it in the room

was making that man sick. He and his wife had to leave early.

I mentioned how great my boss is about my sensitivity to chemicals and scents.

She just topped herself and bought e-cloths for cleaning, and a spin mop.

They don't need anything but water. Amazing!