View Full Version : My ADD Mind in Video Format (Youtube Video Mashups)

03-29-13, 11:16 AM
You know how having ADD is like having multiple TV channels in your head?
Well, I decided to make youtube videos representing just that, here's my channel

So far, I made 3 video mash ups (also known as "youtube poop") and the main video sources for now are ShayCarl and Shaytards.
I also plan to make mashups of other kinds of videos like TV commercials for example.

03-29-13, 07:53 PM
learning the effects? interesting
thats a funny family xD

03-30-13, 06:26 PM
Yeah, I'm still a noob at this.

Coincidentally, today someone uploaded a really good Shaytards youtube poop of a recent vlog. I would need lots of practice and patience to be able to make something like this. I sort of wonder where "youtube poopers" get their ideas from, perhaps they think of it while playing around with the editing software (I guess that's how they come up with more original jokes).