View Full Version : School when meds are not working

03-29-13, 11:43 PM
alright so at the end of last semester i decide to take a break from my meds(adderall IR 15 mg), 30 mg a day for about 2 the beginning of the new semester i started doing ok in classes but now its getting rough and i decided to get back on em two weeks ago... problem is that i do not feel them at all(as im typing this im on 60 mg) but my heart is not racing as usuall, im not getting chatty, not loosing my apetite ect.....idk what to do, i know that i have not build up a tolerance because i dont tak them daily, (hate the way they make me feel)..i can go weeks without taking them and i still have two extra half full bottles from my previous months....has anyone encountered this problem and if so what did you do to get it working again.. loosing my mind...........three midterms plus **** load of HW and lab reports to do..been sitting on the comp for three hours doing useless crap...

03-30-13, 05:27 AM
well the first thing that comes to mind is consistency. Most doctors recommend that you take your meds everyday not as needed. This is because adhd never takes a break and its much harder to judge the over all effectiveness of the meds without a solid period of consistent everyday use of the medication. If you hate the way the meds make you feel then you shouldnt keep taking that medication you should try another one because if you hate the way you feel on this one, then its much harder to judge the effectiveness objectively. This time around you say you dont feel the med working. Do you mean aboslutely no symptom relief? Nothing positive from it? Or do you mean you cant feel that kick in the pants feeling, or energy burst? I have been on adderall xr for 2 years. For about a month due to my own poor planning, I was out of adderall. When I restarted it, i didnt notice anything physical about it. I began to worry thinking it wasnt working but i realized it was working ok, i just couldnt find any of those tell tale signs of it. You know, like when your body yells back at you a half hour after taking it..."finally! lets get moving!" I have never been fortunate enough to have the majority of my symptoms relieved by adderall, its more 50/50 for me but i do know that I do notice when I am completely off of it. So you may not feel it working but can you for sure feel the difference when you arent on it at all?