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03-30-13, 06:07 AM
Lasting meakness frozen glance.

Leaked masting dancing fluids without vapor.

Thout razor quickest shadowy light masking Druids.

Palpations building as groves expand, swamping, soothing, souling... near Cheshire smiling the children merry...2nd of 11.

As the wives scramble, crumming and plucking herbs,
Chubby babies sleeping swollen gills laden,
1837 years since the forsaken,
Buzzing coals to start the baking.

Hollow is the voice of poverty as charity shallow from harvest reaped.

Color painted on the knee high cheeks.

Blazers and Bonnets of last weeks weekly, tithing time was near.

Boiling stewing the SmithMaster's wife...
Ol' Smithie dressing sheppards for the soulers.

"Caspian O' Light of Mt. Areal we saw the as migrant masons cupping the Grail
Past two plagues without fail, tonight our neighbors snail,
Looking worse than the Black, yet paler than the moon,
I have mastered three Pewter spoons.
Blessed by grasp of mine own first innocent's; I see their peers near."

All Souls Day current not yet owned by the Saints
Those Briton's prayed in the older ways.
Not out of craft' only respect of tradition, subliminally on a mission.

Pooling radiant melting llygaid.*

Bellowed settling marching wisps with breaths.

Thout lantern deliberate veil illuminating palpable Carolers.

Composed by MensanDave
Written in loving memory for W.M.K.T.G.L.Liverpool T.-S. & his wife E.-S.

(1) On Novemebr 2nd All Souls Day was celebrated in the Celtic tradtion. Yet as it evolved into All Saints Day November 1 In some area's if the tithing day Sunday fell on 11/1. Then it was allowed for the children to make their rounds on the 2nd, and those old enough to have done it as children the old way. They would simply "loose sight" of the new prayers and customs.
(2) The Caspian Sea was part of a trade route during the crusades and the Templars in legend visited Babylon after they found the Holy Grail. Mt. Areal is the only summit in a place with enough mountains with ruins that has no tower, or any trace of building left and that is why the mainstream discount that zone for place of the City and the tower of Babel. If you heard the stories I did from my grandparents who are British and born around WWI they told the same stories passed down and such so it is more lore than historical fact.

*llygaid/ is Welsh for eyes.