View Full Version : Don’t run away, a short story about depression.

03-30-13, 12:59 PM
“Keep running, just keep ******* running. Had enough already? That’s not good enough, keep ******* running” Peter shouted angrily! “I can’t though.” cried Max. “You’ll fail miserably at everything if you don’t keep running loser.” Peter shouted. Peter had always been supportive of Max, yet critical.

“Peter, I can’t keep running!”, screamed Max. “Max, you’ll need to keep running, otherwise you’re ******.”

“Depression is close behind you, if you don’t come 1st Max you’ll forever be alone. Run run run!!!!” Peter wasn’t too confident about Max winning.

“Peter! I can’t keep ******* running”. Max looked over at Peter in a desperate attempt to get sympathy. Peter shouted over “Why is depression getting the better of you Max.” You’re faster, stronger and have a heart of gold, you can do it!” Peter cried out! “You really think so Peter?” he asked with a joyful expression on his face. “Yes Max, I do” he uttered.

Max ran, he didn’t just run for himself, he ran for everyone else suffering from depression. He wanted to show the world he wasn’t weak, he couldn’t be defeated by his weaker competitor Depression. As Max passed the winning line, Peter cheered him on like he had since they’d become childhood friends.

Max showed strength and honour, he wept as he was crowned the winner. Depression would never run against Max again, Depression had been defeated.

The End.