View Full Version : The benefits of exercise on ADHD

03-31-13, 01:07 AM
I'm not really feeling it. I go ok for an hour (while listening to music) then I just sort of wander off, or go check my Facebook page. Afterwards, I would usually have a clearer mind but now I just feel worse than ever. Maybe it's just PMS interfering with dopamine or whatever but I've been noticing this over weeks.

Are the benefits more a long term thing? I suppose my eating habits have not been healthy of late. I eat healthy meals but can binge a bit on chips and chololate. Although not too much. I hardly put on weight.

I also took 2x of 1000mg of fish oil. That can make me a bit hyper.

I can't wait to go back on meds tomorrow. I'm so bored. Does anyone have any woodwork models I can build? That kept me preoccupied all day last Sunday.