View Full Version : Artwork from my beloved...some drawings + a watercolor photo.

03-31-13, 10:45 PM
Some doodles/artwork and a watercolor by my boyfriend: (most of these he gave to me as a gift, the last two he didn't give me but is fine if I share...**The last two are some of my favorites. :p;) )
Here are the links:
Pic 1:

Pic 2:

*Pic 2 [close-up]:

Pic 4 (watercolor--his first ever)

Pic 5: (a doodle he drew in like 5 minutes for me...he doesn't like it but I do :)) (Hibiscus doodle)

Pic 6:

These last two are some of my fave's: (these are the one's he didn't give me but he's letting me share anyway hehe)

Pic 7:

Pic 8:

Enjoy!! :p

03-31-13, 10:55 PM

The very last one, of a horse looking at its reflection, seems to owe a little bit to a basset hound. :) (what with the short legs that go like that, and the round body.)

I see why he doesn't like the hibiscus as much as the others - in his best work, he is very good at giving a feeling of motion and life, and the beautiful hibiscus shapes are standing still instead.

04-01-13, 12:39 AM
Wow! Thanks for sharing! They have a real emotive touch, especially the cute lil teddies eyes :)

04-01-13, 02:20 AM
Wow! Thanks for sharing! They have a real emotive touch, especially the cute lil teddies eyes :)

Aww, glad you like them too!! :) yeah he's a very deep person...strongly visually oriented...he thinks in pictures and remembers places(like where he's going) by using the "pictures" he took in his mind..
I always thought he was good with maps...found out that he's horrible! (*Not what I said, he told me this the other day. I had no idea this was how he usually navigates..!!! Genius! Well he is I think haha :D) it's crazy..he's so smart...teehee I could go on and on...

Oh, but back to the deep stuff...He's had a LD all his life causing it to be very difficult for him to express himself through writing and he took up drawing as a means to express himself/communicate feelings/designs/or to make himself feel better almost like using a journal.

He has some really amazing photos, but he gives the best away to his family and friends/or me. (Or other random people that ask for a photo :))

I thanked him for letting me share them. :)

05-27-13, 08:40 PM
I like the hibiscus a lot, too, but I understand if he doesn't like it. I'm much the same way with my own stuff.