View Full Version : Anyone with food sensitivities?

01-31-05, 01:29 AM
Has anyone noticed a link between their AD/HD-fibromyalgia and food or preservative sensitivities?

I was allergy tested and the results were sensitivities to yeast, corn, dairy, barley and more. This was about 4 years ago. I iliminated all these things from my diet in large amounts and only have them once in a while. I have noticed that the once in a while causes my symptoms to be worse the following day. Corn seems to make me very lethargic, ill tempered, uncomfortable, achy and completely inable to concentrate. This could be the sensitivity or it could be that I am unable to digest the foods I am sensitive to and they become fermented and toxic in my colon, which worsens the symptoms.

I was just curious if anyone else had made the connection.
Thanks for any imput!!

01-31-05, 03:21 AM
I can't eat beans any knid of beans, I am unable to digest any thing in the lugime food group, comes right up apparently I lack a engize required to digest it. If I eat too much cirtus (citric acid) I break out in most brillent red hives. I do some dairy but not much----Too much milk I will do a lot of running (think pun). Did I answer the question? Sorry med gone, TV loud, can't remember what I did with my hammer, ever see a cat lick cholocate ice cream out of a deep narrow carton,,,,gettting ice cream on the tip of his ears, distracted me nawww :rolleyes: