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04-02-13, 04:07 AM
easter Sunday we were lazy. My man and I lounged around, gave the kids their Easter treats but we didn't cook an Easter dinner. My kids went to a relative's house for dinner, so my guy and I decided on a quick fast food meal.

anyways...The place we ate at, we found out a couple streets over while we ate a man and a woman stepped out of an easter church service and the man's son was waiting with a gun and shot & killed his own dad.

i haven't followed the story, I am not sure if mental illness played a part but I know I had anger issues with my own dad growing up, he passed away suddenly on Christmas eve day in 1999 and I was devestated.

I can't imagine... I guess I'm posting about this because it upsets me. :(

04-02-13, 04:20 AM
Wow. It would upset anybody. It's very saddening to hear.

04-02-13, 11:42 AM
Loosing your dad so suddenly was probably devastating because it meant
the loss of any possibility of improving your relationship.

My relationship with my dad was terrible too. After my mom died I pretty
much stopped having any contact with dad. I gave up on ever having a
good relationship with him. When he died I was naturally sad, but not

04-02-13, 11:52 AM
It's shocking when some tragic event occurs right by where you were just enjoying a quiet evening... there's so much violence.

so sorry to hear about your dad. I also lost mine, very suddenly.

04-02-13, 01:20 PM
sorry for you guys also- it's very hard losing a parent no matter what age you are.

04-02-13, 01:53 PM
I get that same feeling if I drive by someone who has had a really bad car accident .....they had no idea that their day was going to turn out this awful ....

04-02-13, 05:23 PM
What an awful story, no wonder you are so upset, hugs to you x

04-03-13, 07:06 AM
Raye, I'm so sorry. What an awful thing to happen. No wonder it upsets you, especially if it triggers bad emotions and memories. Be good to yourself. Huge hugs!!

04-03-13, 08:30 AM
Sometimes you don't know what you have until it's gone. I'm trying so hard to learn that with my parents.

To have enough anger to kill your own father is unfathomable for me. I've gone through some times where I didn't CARE if my father died, but I would never do it myself. I'm sorry that had to happen to someone so close to you.

About a month after we moved into this house, the guy across the street killed himself after a police standoff. I heard the gunshot hours before the police went in and knew that was what happened. Our entire neighborhood was in shock. I didn't know the guy though and I felt bad I couldn't share in their grief. So I told them if there was anything I can do to please let me know.