View Full Version : Med issues need help!

04-02-13, 12:28 PM
I'm have been taking adder-all XR for 4 years at 50mg a day. I have devolved over the last year major depression extreme paranoia and high anxiety. I was reading about Latuda. I'm curious to know if this will help with my issues and not turn me into a zombie. The adder-all is fine.. The other problems are effecting my life badly. Someone help?

04-02-13, 03:02 PM
These sound like very serious problems. I think it would be better to speak to a health care professional about this and as soon as possible.

04-03-13, 12:54 AM
You say major depression extreme paranoia and high anxiety - and yet you say the adderall is fine? That's not right. Get to the psychiatrist pronto. I think there's something wrong with your Adderall dose. And maybe something else wrong too, but whatever, get to the psychiatrist and stop wasting time here.

04-06-13, 01:41 AM
have you been diagnosed with something otherthan adhd? have you been on other antipsychotics or do you take other medications? i ask because latuda is an antipsychoticand not one to "try out" unless your symptoms have been identified as stemming from one of a few things that, really, if you're having symptoms of, in lieu of looking for a medicatino to suggest, i would encourage you to have a very honest conversation with your psychiatrist about your experiences.

i gather from your thread start that you don't see an issue with the adderall, but, frankly, if this is a redent development...people do get stimulant psychosis and need to switch medications...and, really, ther are other explanations that are less ideal.