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04-04-13, 07:36 AM
I have just registered with your site and am keen to hear from anyone who has had experience with Neurofeedback Training for children with ADHD.

I am in England, and it is clear that we are way behind the states in terms of understanding and treating ADHD, and neurofeedback training is almost unheard of.

Would be really grateful and interested in hearing from you.

05-30-13, 09:56 AM
Over the past year my family of five has used Neurofeedback with varying results but overall great success.

My two teen boys needed it the most, but treating the whole family turned out to be a wise decision for us. Our provider charges $65/session and takes no insurance. But once we began seeing amazing results for one of my sons we jumped in as a family. NF is like exercise. Over time you see results but you shouldn't expect much if you can't commit. Results are permanent after time.

Last year my family was in crisis. I was concerned that one son would need to be hospitalized and that one son could end up in trouble with the law. My poor daughter was traumatized by her brothers and my husband and I were at the end of our rope, filled with anxiety trying to hold our family together. Life looks so much different for us now. Here is a summary of how NF changed each of us (we are still doing it):

My husband: Went the least, once a week for maybe three months- training for peak performance and anxiety. The improvements were subtle but I could see them. He finished a book project and functioned much more calmly.

Me: I went once a week for 9 months. My anxiety decreased, my ability to handle stress increased and I began independently to work on mindfulness and meditation. I have stopped NF for now, but I like what I gained. My singing voice improved as well (a bonus by product for me).

15 yr old son: We are treating for anxiety and depression- AGGRESSIVELY. He has had 2-3 NF appointments per week for just over a year. He has become more social, saw an amazing jump in his tennis skills (he captained the tennis team and he is really not an athlete), he became much easier to live with. He still battles the depression and anxiety though. He is the child we want to see more results with. He is still on medicine for depression/anxiety and ADHD.

14 yr old son: Unbelievable results. We were treating for ADHD/ODD, and this kid was diagnosed with autism when he was six (extremely high functioning though). We had done occupational therapy, speech therapy and vision therapy with him when he was age 6-13. We had some results with these therapies, but nothing like NF.

This is the kid we started NF with. Family members, teachers & other parents have all noticed dramatic changes in this kid. Last year he was suspended from school and constantly getting demerits. This year he's done GREAT! He is no longer a behavior problem (well, issues are rare and mild), his grades are much better, he is very driven to get his Eagle project done, he has goals and pursues them. He is on no medicine and we finally feel he is ready for pubic school (he's been a a small private school). He started with NF once a week and we saw results after the third week (which was pretty fast). I then switched NF providers so that we could go more frequently. He went twice a week for a year and we have recently dialed him back to once a week. We hope to end NF for him sometime in the next six months.

9 year old daughter- Treating for anxiety. She went once a week for about 5 months and then "as needed." We defiantly saw changes. She asked to start up piano lessons again (after quitting), she had a great school year, she just "shines." When she gets stressed out she will ask for an appointment. Generally, she goes about once or twice a month now. I may pick it up a bit more in the summer for her though because she's been stressed out lately. I do think it helps her in lots of ways.

Of course the question is time and cost. Yes, we have spent about 40k on our family. We had to refinance our house and take out money. It was a very scary thing to do and had we not seen such amazing results with kid #2 we never would have done it. But we are a much, much happier family now. I think it helped the kids to see that Mom and Dad were also being treated. Our NF provider is great- he really cares about us all.

Our private school let us reduce the class load for my boys this year, which freed up time to do more therapy.

It is very interesting to note that major sports teams and Olympic athletes are using NF regularly because it greatly improves the mental aspect of the game. Musical performers also use it. I wish it didn't cost so much or take so many appointments- but I do believe the results will be permanent.

Sorry this is long, but maybe it will be helpful to someone.

05-30-13, 11:16 AM
There has been a *huge* amount of discussion on neurofeedback on the forum.

It might be worth your while to do a search.

The current consensus is that neurofeedback shows a lot of promise but more work needs to be done for it to be considered a validated treatment for ADHD.

One of the problems is that it is usually very expensive and does not work for everyone. Some here have reported good results and some report no changes. You may pay your money and get good results or pay your money and get nothing.

If you can afford it, why not? If you can't, caution might be advised.

Take care,