View Full Version : Help finding doctor in San Diego- No insurance

04-04-13, 10:10 PM
I lost my job and could not afford to see my psych anymore because I no longer have health insurance.

I was able to get my adderall prescription from my primary care doctor but need to find a psych that has affordable office visits for patients without insurance ASAP because I have generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder as well, and my primary care can't treat and prescribe for all of these long-term.

Can anybody please help me out by suggesting a doctor I can be with long-term?

Money is really tight for me so I can not afford to waste it on doctors who are going to give me the run around and make my try other medications (I have been on everything and adderall works best) or try and make me go through the entire ordeal of being tested/diagnosed - I was diagnosed and have records going back to when I was 7 years old and can't stand it when I see someone who treats me like a drug seeking kid.

I am 33, and at this point I know myself and medical history well enough to spend time with psychiatrists who make me go through 6 months and 3 medications before they will prescribe what I have been taking for 9 years.

Thanks for your help.

04-05-13, 04:40 AM
unfortunately, when and if you get to see a new doctor, they will want to possibly try out other meds or combos and may even want to conduct their own eval themselves. They dont know you so its not unfair of them to want to conduct things a certain way. Any doctor that just hands out a prescription without doing anything to follow up on their new patients diagnosis would make mer, personally suspicious.