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(Approx timeline 3:00) "
"he turned to me and said, "You know doctor the most fascinating thing for me was touching my wife,

for the first time in 20 years, I could feel it when I touched my wife"

So this whole sensory motor loop, with minimal information,

produced not only the percept of the touch , but also the emotional content of the touch.

So I think that is the most important aspect of what I've talked about here..

-Paul Bach y Rita

In my unprofessional layman opinion,

the area of neuroplasticity, that would benefit people with ADD the most is emotional content of sensory. (attunement)

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It may be my ADD or overall simplistic brain -but I like watching these YouTube videos:)

When I watch these videos however, I see people who have to compensate for whatever tragedy befell then. Another example being Stroke patients--- physiotherapists,occupational therapists and speech language pathologists try to work very hard in the first 3-6 months after the initial insult. They do this because many studies show that after a year or 2....there is very little gain to be made. There is yet again a small window of plasticity...after which change is minimal.

In regards to ADD, Personally i of view it as a 'I'm born with it" kind of condition. Whatever the major changes made to my brain were done in my youth (good or bad)
If it were an acute condition -maybe it would be different.
All I can do now is upkeep (diet and exercise etc) to keep it from deteriorating further and maybe sprout a new brain cell or 2 :)

Thanks for the videos!