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04-06-13, 08:21 PM
Music definitely adds to my workouts -whether weights or cardio. I just need some new tunes. So give me a song or two that you find 'motivating' either for your resistance training or cardio. I'm more into hip hop/techno/trance. Not so much into heavy metal -but if you really like a particular song just list it. Thanks!

Heres a few of mine:

- Aqua Vitae -Future World music (pre work out)
-50 cent - Hate it or Love It Remix (pre work out)
-Out of Grace -140 BPM
-Tech N9ne -The Beast
-Kanye West -Stronger
-Kanye -Power remix feat Jay Z
-Brooklyn Bounce -No Compromise
-Gorillaz -Feel Good Inc

Cardio: Armin van Buuren Ft Jan Vayne -Serenity
-DJ Tiesto -Traffic
-Gareth Emery -Between Dreams
-Toni Braxton -Spanish guitar (Royal gardens remix)

04-06-13, 08:30 PM
What you really need for weight workouts is the TV theme from Barney the dinosaur. It is so ...ummm ... unfortunate, I guess would be the word, that your workout will be incredibly fast and hard, just so you can keep your mind off the song, and so you can turn it off faster. :)

04-06-13, 08:37 PM
I like 'One Tribe' by Blackeyed Peas to work out to... It has a strong cadence, always makes me feel good.

04-06-13, 08:56 PM
dvdnvwls - Funny. I just youtubed the Intro to Barney and friends...since I had no idea what it sounded like. Death by Barney music would be in my eulogy had I actually converted it to mp3 format.

Amberwillow -never heard this song before. Thanks!

Tyler Durden
04-06-13, 09:28 PM
I normally listen to harder stuff for weights, but to help get me through a cardio session

ana futura
04-06-13, 09:32 PM

This is the only song I need!

04-06-13, 09:40 PM
Funny. I just youtubed the Intro to Barney and friends...since I had no idea what it sounded like. Death by Barney music would be in my eulogy had I actually converted it to mp3 format.

Sorry for poisoning your mind. ;)

04-06-13, 11:37 PM
Tyler: Cool song...especially with the video
Ana Futura: Thanks!

I think you youtube links are a great idea...i'm not sure if it will show up as a nice box like the examples above . Anyways I converted this video into mp3 and plonked it onto my player.

The Haka war chant raises my adrenaline..and makes me want to destroy the chunk of metal in front of me Which is part of the reason I like the previous video.

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04-07-13, 11:30 AM
EMERY! nothing gets me pumped up more than them, or House of Heroes.

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04-08-13, 03:33 PM
oooo I love the Hakka !

and here's another little jewel from New Zealand ...

and when you want to go really fast, ......try this ......only you may find yourself dancing .....heh ......( old frriends of mine from my wild and crazy youth ....yah ...I had one )

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04-09-13, 06:22 PM
Ginniebean: yup its on my playlist -thanks :D
-thanks for the additional suggestions people!
Tyler: reminded me of you (I don't know why :P)

05-09-13, 09:22 AM
Ok, so I have I strange playlist for working out, I guess.. I start every workout with Gonna Fly Now from the Rocky soundtrack as I stretch. Then for the cardio, it's Hearts On Fire from one of the Rocky movies, I can't remember which one and Dare from The Transformers animated movie soundtrack. Then when I start lifiting, it starts with the Training Montage from Rocky IV, then Now You're A Man from Orgazmo, Cry Little Sister from The Lost Boys, You're The Best Around from The Karate Kid, The Touch also from Transformers, and Glory of Love from Karate Kid 2. Then cooldown is to Halcyon & On & On by Orbital. There's other songs on the play list that are pretty similar.

Basically I workout to the most kicka** 80's soundtrack ever. There's liek 2 or three from the 90's, but mostly awesome 80's action movie stuff. I call it TRAIN! FIGHT! WIN!

05-10-13, 01:19 AM
Guilty secret: I too have some of those rocky and karate kid tracks haha. Europe final countdown as well.
AHA take on me more for cardio. Glory of love makes me sentimental. Something about peter cetera epitomizes the 80's -when i'm just chilling. I thought she was so hot back then :D
Richard Marx was really talented as well...good tuneskis!
You've uncovered my secret music closet haha...shhh
Train!Fight!win! -also the name of a mma fighting gear shop :)

Edit: oh how could i forget Bloodsport....forgot about that one haha here's a training montage for ya

05-14-13, 12:43 PM
Speaking of workout music, have you heard of the MotACTV:,en_US,pd.html It learns what music helps you perform better. Interesting idea!

05-15-13, 01:53 AM
Sims music! 'Headphones'