View Full Version : Dexamphetamine and antidepressant?

04-07-13, 06:31 PM
Hi all

I've been on dexamphetamine for a year for my ADD and it's been very helpful With my studies and work. However, it's also caused constant sleep problems and serious bouts of anxiety and depression. The benefits used to outweigh the negative but it's getting to the point where my depression and hopelessness is becoming too serious. I want to get off the dex and plan to do so in about 4 months- but I am in an intense study program at the moment and it would be insane to try and get off the dex now (I take 30mg per day). I've talked to my doctor about possibly going onto an antidepressant just to get through the next few months. He thinks this would be fine.

I obviously have to trust the doc to advise re any serious interactions between dex and any antidepressant - but he is a GP and doesn't deal a lot with add and dex specifically- I doubt he'll be able to advise in detail about this. I am worried about lethargy, inability to focus etc. That would be really damaging for me right now.

Can anyone recommend an antidepressant to take with dex that will have the least side effects? And still help my anxiety/depression?

I'd be very grateful for any advice.

04-07-13, 07:55 PM
Remeron would help with your constant sleep problems and anxiety/depressive symptoms (more likely than not) but if Dextroamphetamine doesn't cause you appetite loss, then I would say the most likely side effect will be increased appetite and resulting weight gain. Which I think turns off many people. :P Otherwise, uh, well, let me think about that.