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04-07-13, 08:06 PM
Hello, hello. I resign. I agreed to try Cymbalta. Since I took away previous antidepressants 1-by-1 (first dropped Remeron >1 year ago, then dropped Wellbutrin XL last summer [added Strattera 80mg-100mg 'til mid-January], then dropped Zoloft >2 weeks ago, after a drop from 150mg to 100mg at the beginning of February, 100mg to 75mg later on, then 75mg to 50mg at the beginning of March, and finally from 50mg to 0mg.

So I started Cymbalta in the morning (early afternoon, rather) at 30mg to start. Today is my first day. Hooray. Basic questions...

1) Is the discontinuation syndrome or withdrawal from Cymbalta as difficult as I've heard? Not as horrible as Effexor but pretty damn bad?

2) Anyone here ever taken Zoloft+Wellbutrin or Zoloft+Strattera and also have taken Cymbalta without any adjunct antidepressant either before or after? If not Zoloft, then another SSRI with Wellbutrin, I guess. I wonder whether the any of the aforementioned duos compare (net effect) to the effects of Cymbalta? Obviously they won't work exactly the same way; I would like to at least hear that the effects are... similar. Or not, if not.

3) Any chance you experienced cognitive/memory impairment of any kind? Wellbutrin was a bit strange for me (word-finding difficulties, for example) in that upon ceasing it, my thinking felt... clearer. Like I was out of a fog.

I assume the idea will be for me to increase it to an eventual (actually, I think given the possible dosage options out there, it'd be the immediate next increase) 60mg daily. Unfortunately my insurance only granted first 30-days of 30mg to start off with rather than increasing to 60mg after a week or so. Anyone have luck with, say, 90mg (split dosing 60mg/30mg) daily or 120mg daily? Also, for the 60mg daily (and I assume 120mg daily) do you find taking it in the AM+PM or all in the AM most/more efficacious?

04-08-13, 04:36 AM
I am prescribed 30 mg 3x a day and I have been on it for like 5 years. Its really been a life saver.

05-28-13, 08:58 PM
I can definitely see how it can be really great for depression.

Unfortunately taking a once daily 60mg dose was a horrible experience, 30mg twice a day was tolerable and seemed to be efficacious for depression.
Due to refill/insurance issues I had to go several days without and OMG. I'll never take Cymbalta ever again.