View Full Version : maybe I *am* cyclothymic...

04-09-13, 02:47 PM
My energy/good mood disappeared today.

I was so energetic and ready to do stuff for the last week or two and today, I barely finished sewing the straps on the couch cover... granted, that was before the cat crawled up next to me and keeps hugging my arm with his paws.

I have a page-full of things I need to do today and I've not done anything.

This can't just be PMS or whatever... I mean... apart from the little-too-emotional outburst from what I'm watching on TV :giggle:

I am still on the fence about the diagnosis I got... but maybe there's truth to it... or maybe I'm over analyzing.

04-09-13, 03:44 PM
Keep a mood chart. There are samples all over the web. You'll start to see patterns with it.

04-09-13, 03:49 PM
i have an app on my phone... but remembering it is the hard part.

04-09-13, 03:58 PM
LOL! So true. :)

04-09-13, 07:26 PM
i have an app on my phone... but remembering it is the hard part.

could "forgot to remember" be a retrospective label for a day's...week's...mood? thinking outloud, er, online for myself i guess, because it seems like maybe there is a correlation between being able to remember to remember and feeling ... never mind, I would just sit down and mark off swaths of days and weeks and months at one time as forgotten about. :( good luck with trying to work out a system that is useful, even if it is just for a fairly brief timespan....

04-09-13, 11:23 PM
I've been mood charting for the past couple of years now. I got into the habit of writing on my daily mood chart when I take my nighttime meds, which I have always been good at remembering because they are on my bedside table. I don't keep a really detailed chart, just a line graph with the y-axis measuring -10 (depressed) to +10 (manic) and the x-axis going through each month. So on one piece of graph paper I measure out 30 days (or however many in the month) and every day I plot where my mood is on the chart. All I have to do was put a dot on the chart every night corresponding to my mood. If something noteworthy happened to influence my mood I keep a note of it in my diary, but otherwise I just put a dot with a marker.

At one point I started seeing a therapist who recommended that I keep track of my anxiety level on the same chart, in two different colors. After a few months I could start to see a clear trend in my moods and anxiety - they were inverse to each other. The worse my mood, the lower my anxiety, and the "higher" my mood, the more intense my anxious irritability and the more panic attacks I had. It was bizarre, but undeniable, that they had an inverse relationship to each other. That was really interesting to find out, something I was vaguely aware of but didn't see the clear connection until it was out on paper.