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04-09-13, 07:32 PM
time = money, according to Benjamin Franklin
money > beaches, according to Lil Wayne

we can assume that

haha yes this is stupid :scratch:
and i'm bored :(

edit: love is priceless and i'm lonely =(
it doesn't specify if time = free time, by the way, because this could make the statement false

04-09-13, 08:37 PM
oh i forgot people = sheet, according to slipknot

it's just a matter of perpective and how some narrow minded or close-minded people can negatively affect the life of others
but music = art
or maybe entertainment

why the hell am I doing this here?
because i could be posting this on facebook... and all my friend in real life could see this, so this would make me look like crap
now i have to prove myself i don't give a duck

sometimes i feel like "oh god, why have you forsaken me?"
i'm not a religous person and i'm going to bed soon

sharing these random thoughts is being good for me and i hope people don't mind
i don't really like writing, what the hell...

atleast there are no grammar nazis around here =P

04-09-13, 09:28 PM
by the way, if you're still reading this, i recommend you to watch this awesome psychologist/vlogger/entertainer