View Full Version : Hypo mania confirmed

04-10-13, 10:16 AM
Well it's been a week of euphoric mood and my social anxiety has completely reversed itself

So it's safe to say I'm hypomanic

That's awesome

Now give me a few good months please!

04-10-13, 10:27 AM
LOL, sounds like you have shed the drama of the weekend. Good for you! I wish I could experience hypomania just once.

Do you take meds?

04-10-13, 11:07 AM
Yay, yippee. I love hypomania. Stay safe!!! :grouphug:

04-10-13, 11:09 AM
Yea I take some meds

That drama happened a couple months ago. I just saw the dick a few days ago so it made me mad
Complaining about it here lifted it right off me. With the support

04-10-13, 11:50 AM
Stay safe and enjoy! Try your best to talk about ideas with someone else before you do anything that costs more than $50 or takes more than a few hours' dedication. You might also want to put your plastic in a block of ice for the time being... a very sad, broke voice of experience talking, haha.

04-10-13, 12:58 PM
Yea. I'm the really hyper impulsive ADHD all the time

So that money thing is always true, but yea worse during hypo manic or manic times

My wife's an accountant so she handles that well