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04-10-13, 04:24 PM
Well, I didn’t want to say anything until the end of the day but……

DS went to class today and stayed the whole day.

He was hesitant but trying really hard. He wouldn’t get out in the car line and protested when I parked to walk him in but only for a few seconds. He grabbed his book bag from me as we walked in and said he was going to try. We got in the hall just past the office and he was still saying he was going to try and for me to stay. Then he hedged and went into the office. I was sitting with him encouraging him for about 5 mins and a buddy came in and he just up and said, Mom, I see Luke, I’m going to go with him. And he did.

I stayed until about 10am talking with administration about next steps and didn’t hear anything so I went to work. DH went to pick him up and freaked out when he couldn’t see him on the playground and the principal was out there talking to a teacher so he assumed the worst but all was good. So DS gets his electronics back for tonight. Hopefully he had a good day and coupled with the reward will make it even easier tomorrow.

They are working to set up the psycho-educational testing hopefully to complete by month end and they are also working to set up a Behavior Intervention Plan meeting for next week. They also agreed to not suspend him unless it involved physical altercations with students or staff and to call us immediately if he has any issues.

One day at a time.

04-10-13, 07:26 PM
Excellent! One day at a time indeed.

My granddaughter had a good day today too and was so happy and proud
of herself. The trauma of her recent diabetes diagnosis and all those
changes seems to be passing. She was picking up on bad behaviors from
another child in her classroom and earned herself 3 days of ISS. When she
came home today she couldn't wait to tell us that she doesn't have to be
in ISS tomorrow!!! Yay!

It could be something you said to your son pushed the right button for him.
I think that's what happened with my g-daughter. Her mom told her that
she needed to just ignore the other student and just do her best.

04-11-13, 09:20 AM
Wow - that is huge in my opinion. Considering how panicked he was the 2 days before. Just from reading, it sounds to me like he really wants to try to stay at this school, and it sounds like he has some inner strength he can tap into. One day at a time for sure, but still, what a great day! Good on all of you for working together. :D

04-11-13, 10:24 AM

I'm fearful of the April break next week. My DS after the February one went back to school and it was not good. To the point that the school called me to see if I was still giving him his meds. It's slowly been progressing back to mostly good days with a few bad in there, but I hope next week dosen't throw him off. But he gets agitated about going to school too. Once he gets there he's normally ok, finds one of his friends and that's that.

We have had an appointment with his pediatrician this week, and have modified his adderall to take twice a day and see how that goes. First day was a bad day where he knocked a girl down on the pavement at recess and then an excellent day yesterday. We are also going to start therapy for him next week.

It's one day at a time....about all we can ask for.