View Full Version : A good activity for kids who have trouble expressing language

04-11-13, 03:49 AM
My son has ADHD PI and dyslexia and has trouble expressing language, both written and orally.

He understand many more words than he uses. He will use descriptions like "that other day", "that roundish thing" "that other time", basically useless descriptions.

I was driving and he was playing four words one picture on his ipad, but kept getting stuck.

I couldnīt look at the screen so I asked him to describe each picture to me. at first his descriptions were vague, "a lady pointing up" to "a lady about 40 years old, smiling, pointing to something above and looking at it".

I am able to guess the word by his descriptions, he has to think differently in this way and he is really pleased.

We also do timed geography quizzes in his ipad (I am useless). AGain because I canīt see the picture or questions, he has to read the questions very quickly because itīs against the clock. This has improved his reading and knowledge.

04-11-13, 08:37 AM
I understand the arguments against technology, but honestly, it's not all bad. It's working on language skills for your son... my hubby learned how to read from video games as a child... It depends on the person, I suppose.

That's awesome though that he's found something so engaging that you can both do together and it's helping him w/o him really realizing it :D