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04-11-13, 08:17 PM
He a Psychiatrist from New York, I've listened to his audio book, find him funny to listen to, his thing is 'energy', for me i feel drained when down, also people look physically drained when ill ie white as a sheet of hunched over, or depression which just zaps the energy, and theres bouncing when happy/excited, loaded with the stuff, so makes sense to me.

He mixes science, medicine, spiritual which makes it easier for me to get, obviously its all down to personal beliefs, so probably not for every one, its just part of journey, not a lot makes sense to me normally, and he's easy for me to listen to.

04-13-13, 03:01 PM
thanks slouch sounds good to me how do I find his video OOO dhue will get back to you ignore the first part I was sleep typing (to lazy to walk) I should not sit at the computer with
P.Jz. on lolololo

04-14-13, 04:58 AM
I will check him out thanks.