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04-13-13, 04:47 AM
So, apparently it's good to have a watch that alerts you to every hour passing.

Personally, my smartphone does well for me, alas it's also a magical time dissappearing device!

I have a few analogue watches ( used to have an itch to buy them from time to time ) but don't wear them much anyway. ( Get to the point please, lol ).

I'm going to be looking into watches that beep every hour ( little vibration would suit me better but I doubt any watch will do that ). More advanced or alternate notifications are also welcome including people's experiences with such method/s.

I anticipate better tracking of "downtime" or "non-productive time".

Of particular interest are the new wave of "smart watches" that will be / have been taking shape. Specifically, android/apple app integration so the watch could also serve as a "task timer" / "task monitor. From my understanding the initial generations of these watches were very geared towards sports, had poor battery life / robustness and limited app support. Anyone have a pebble?

A quick look around the shops today seemed like casio's have some affordable options...gshocks maybe...

Multiple alarms for meds would be good too I suppose...

Anyway...over to my fellow travellers add some value to this thread :D

04-23-13, 05:22 AM
Just an update to summarise for anyone looking in the next 6 months...

ok, heaaaaaaaps of watches beep every hour!

i've had one for a week, after the first couple of days, unless you conciously "reset" or go through some sort of routine on the beep, they do become easy to ignore.... :(

i'm going to stick with them though....... I have refined my needs to a watch with;


These will have to be switched off at night time, multiple timers woud also be good and some may want a "two timers jumping between each other" type setup which I believe is commonly required by people doing "interval workouts".

Again, an android / iphone app may do this and I will be playing with those as well. In a dream world, it would scroll some sortof affirmation statement when it triggers but hey, can't have everything :)..... maybe the next generation of smartwatches will do this :)

So my research has taken me to a few different categories of devices....... i'm not sure if any of these support concurrent timers other than the enso...

Hunting/Fishing watches - Casio PAB410b-5v
Interval watches - Garmin610, various timex ( T49851 ),
Medical timer watches - For bedwetting, Hearing impaired, medicine reminders - Vibralite
Smartwatches - Sony Smartwatch, Motoactv, pebble
G-shocks ( interval / rally / flight / sailing timers ) - Suunto, GD350, 7510, 7710 ( no vibe but dualling timers ) - Apparently the g-shock countdown timers are a little tricky / odd.
Fitness / Cooking timers - Gymboss, Salubrion enso pearl

The enso pearl seems like a good office device.

I am gonna try the fishing watch ( $50 ) and the cheap timex ( $50 ) and the gymboss ( $35 ) cause they are all cheap while I wait for a 610 firesale or a better smartwatch to be released.

04-27-13, 06:10 AM
The plot thickens!!!


2 - 3 days battery minimum just running about 16 daily alerts would be good.

-Timex Ironman Run Trainer 2.0 ( Durable, multiple vibrating alerts - interval timers - no need to use smart phone too )

-Martian Watch ( Speaker phone, text.......don't think the apps will do calendar notifications exactly the way i'm picturing )

-Cookoo Watch ( Cheap - Good Battery Life I read a review that this has good app support and you can trigger calendar reminders - Alas no text message on watch - can also toggle vobrate only - vibrate + sound from watch )

I guess if I/Someone could hack the driver and make a little android binary that sends the 3 separate alerts to the cookoo, you could have something really handy. Use the email alert for meds, the sms alert for rest and the chat alert for work.....something like that anyway.

Sony MX1??? Bluetooth headset dongle with text messages???

I gotta admit the cookoo or martian seem really interesting...

04-27-13, 06:21 AM
Citizen make a line of Ecodrive watches that recharge themselves with solar power.
I'm not sure how high tech their timer options are, but it does halt any concern over battery life.

04-27-13, 07:19 AM
Cheers amberwillow....the citizen was the most attractive :)......... Alas, all the docs say it iPhone only so defanitely an option for those with iPhone's. I'm not too sire if the app supports customised buzzing ( off timers / calndar only either )...

04-27-13, 01:23 PM
For what it's worth -- not sure if you bought something already --

I have a Casio "Pathfinder" watch that cost about $25-$30. I keep it in my pocket in an attempt to train myself to be more aware of the passage of time -- different watch on my wrist.

This watch has an alarm that vibrates every hour on the hour (a quick "vvvt-vvvt"), and the option to set other alarms. (I don't use the others much, though I think I accidentally set something like the "hunting/fishing time" alarm because at seemingly-random points it will occasionally vibrate 10 times instead of once.)

For other things, like scheduled events, appointments, travel, taking meds, going to bed, etc. I use Lightning (calendar in Mozilla Thunderbird), which allows me to color-code stuff on the calendar and choose sound and/or visual reminders that I can set however far in advance of the event I need to to remind me to, say, get dressed, or leave enough time to get there.

04-27-13, 09:35 PM
Thanks namazu, vibrating pathfinder in the mail.....they do seem to be the most affordable vibrating watches to start on.

Cheers for the heads up on lightning. I've been using wunderlist on my phone, according to the principles of "the one minute to do list", finding myself wandering off on a device, so gotta keep focussed if I'm gonna use these smart thingies hence the want of text based reminder messages and a simple watch.

So I've actually gone mostly back to paper for each day. Wunderlist for odd thoughts or outside tasks, and the calendar ( gmail on an android ) for appointments.

I realise that a device will not solve the distractions, short term I'm hoping it will help.

I've been using a 25min timer in the morning with 5min off in between ( thankyou for whoever on the forum posted that ) only one watch I have does the rolling timers with different beep patterns ( suunto t3c interval feature )......

The hourly beep is helping, but I need to have a routine attached to when it beeps.... Kind of like a mini assessment of the last and next hour....."am I procrastinating", "am I sticking to plan", what is yet to be a 1minute deep breathing, mindfullness excercise etc.....

The hourly beep does not wake me up....but it would be good on the vibrating watches if this could have an on and off time so it doesn't vibrate hourly at night but hey, can't be that hard to turn off and it would keep you attantive to sticking with your tools.

Thanks again!

04-28-13, 02:37 PM
oh dear, i'm beginning to regret looking into this :( .........

new genre, the fitness tracker aka...... the;

-Jawbone Up ( good battery, weather resistant, alarms don't exactly do it yet )
-Fitbit One ( May alert on inactivity, dubious about if it would apply for me, i might be mediatating!!! ) ( poorer battery life + weather resistance )

So, if these devices did interval type countdown timers with separate beep patterns they would be perfect.....apart from the mobile battery drain......

At this point i'm gonna give up the search ( please god, help me to drop this ), stick with my simple 35$ vibrating timex that's in the mail, tinker with the mobile and see if I can schedule some alternating vibrate patterns ( and possibly a gymboss ) and come back in a few months......and see where the smartwatch / fitness tracker apps are at in terms of the requirements........

NOTE: The "intelligent wakeup" and sleep tracking over time would also be beneficial it seems......

SPeaking of sleep tracking, it's 4:40am.....oh dear :eek: reminiscing on my IT study days lol.....

12-17-13, 08:47 AM
Okey Dokey... This space is hotting up... ATM... it's more of a "executive" / "cashed up" student option, nothing that some good paper systems wouldn't fix...

I've been keeping an eye on the smartwatch space... the two main contenders that are offering viable options out of the box right now ( maybe three of you fiddle a little );

Worst to best ( based on reviews )

-Sony smartwatch ( apparently apps aren't too "intuitive"... sync issues... battery small )

>-Martian ( Great battery, app promises alot without being too "interesting ;)" tho apparently it's still a bit buggy )

>-Galaxy Gear ( Samsung watch ... Super pricey :( )... Yet most robust in terms of featureset / doing what needs to be done.... Compatible only with limited devices... somewhat proprietary...

Google "Galaxy Gear productivity hacks using If This Then That"

This will give you an idea of where the current state of play is... and things are warming up... Quite an interesting web service referred to above ... no doubt will be bought out by EGHM ;)

I'm not gonna buy a samsung watch but if anyone has one feel free to report back on if any of these things are working well for you...

Additionally if anyone heavily uses voice commands on their phone to schedule appointments, send texts, create / listen to todo's.... other.... Please post about what works for you and what doesn't...