View Full Version : Study Reveals "backbone" of Mental Illness Stigma

04-15-13, 07:47 PM
Disheartening, but not surprising study on continuing stigma attached to mental illness. I wonder how ADHD would have fared if it had been one of those tested? Are there any affirmative steps that we can take to help move things in the other direction?

The researchers analyzed data from the IU-led Stigma in Global Context - Mental Health Study, which talked with 19,508 study participants about customized vignettes. The vignettes portrayed someone suffering either from depression, schizophrenia or, the control group, asthma. The countries represented a diverse range geographically, developmentally and politically, with at least one country on each inhabitable continent.

Even in countries with cultures more accepting of mental illness, the "backbone" of stigma was detected, encompassing issues involving caring for children, marriage, self-harm and holding roles of authority or civic responsibility. The stigma was even stronger toward people with schizophrenia.

Stigma is considered a major obstacle to effective treatment for many Americans who experience these devastating illnesses. It can produce discrimination in employment, housing, medical care and social relationships, and have a negative impact on the quality of life for these individuals and their families and friends.

04-15-13, 07:54 PM
Yes you need to become a lobbyist for neuro=psych disabled rights. :D

Once the laws and sentiments in the US change, the rest of the world will follow.