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07-13-03, 05:32 PM
Ive read: Driven to Distraction, Think Fast, Beyond ADD, and Headling ADD. So far this and Medication is the only type of therapy I'm getting.

I have a lady I talk to about once every 2 months because I have Kiaser through work and there program isn't that great. However, she is great. I felt very comfortable and we understood eachother very well.

This type of self seeking therapy has done wonders for me.

I would like to hear other peoples therapy choices if you feel like telling me and how it's affected you.

(rest of reply for Janet)
I had an ok talk with my fiance', ok meaning it's definetly not finished. He's going to start learning about ADD and that's really all I can say. We'll see how it goes. I am going to work on not being so cold towards him. I'm going to be just as active in learning to understand him also.
My baby girl is demanding my attention.

07-13-03, 05:42 PM
Great Sara!!!! I'm so glad to hear that about your fiance! Definetly a move in the right direction. Sometimes it's hard to deal with something that's going on with someone else- and it's hard to put yourself in their place. I know how that goes because of issues that I face with my husband & stuff.

Understanding that it's a part of you & making progress towards figuring out how to approach it in a positive manner is definetly a good thing. I can't remember what type of therapy that my counselor was recommending for me.. I think it was something like cognitive behavior therapy. I don't know what exactly that means, so I suppose it doesn't really help. But I'll let you know more when I know more. Otherwise, I'm sure people who are more "seasoned" and have more knowlege might be able to steer you in the right direction.

Well, that's all for me for now... Talk to you later!! Good luck to you Sara!

07-14-03, 04:11 PM

A couple of other books I recommend are Understanding Girls With ADHD and Understanding Women With ADHD. I started with Girls, and it was very helpful with jogging my memory to identify/explain ADHD experiences from my childhood. Got so excited 'bout that, I started Women. They may help you put words to your feelings, experiences, etc. when discussing stuff with your fiancee.

07-15-03, 12:48 AM
See that's why I love you guys.
I'm on a reading kick right now also.
I have been having good luck with my medication so
I guess I'm making up for lost time.
Thank you!

07-26-03, 09:48 PM
Just keep up the good work sara and if you feel your are starting to slip just ask one of us to give you a kick to get you started again

07-31-03, 01:09 AM
Thanks Garry

I wrote something a couple of weeks ago I wanted to see what you thought of it.

I was brain storming about free will and freedom of choice.

We have no choice but to make choices. The word choice implies and action of some sort, even congnitive movement. And in a nonliteral sense the movement is always forward, in constant progression, never stopping or reversing. This runs parallel with time. They are, in essence, one in the same and one cannot exsist without the other. They are a part of the laws of the universe that will never cease to exsist as long as I do. they are a representation of our free will, our own freedom which we are not able to not experience.

If you get my point, and I know I wrote it like I'm trying to philosophize, but I'm saying there is no such thing as freedom of choice or free will because we can't choose otherwise.

anyway, just some thought vomit to see what you thought.
I even began talking about all of our choices are manipulated but that could be for another time if your interested in hearing.

I might post something later to hear others thoughts.
Be honest, tell me if I make no sense or if you aren't interested.
You are intellegent if you are asking, "Why me".
I wanted to hear from you specifically.

07-31-03, 10:01 AM

Very stimulating post. Your thoughts intrigue me.

I have one thing to add to the thread of thought (or maybe it's just another way of saying what you said, Sara?): Choosing not to act is still a choice one has made. In any situation, if one chooses to do nothing vs. doing something, that person is still making a choice. S/he cannot consider Him/herself "idle," for s/he has indeed chosen an action, indeed made a choice.


07-31-03, 10:02 AM
Oops! Forgot to say "WELCOME BACK, SARA!!!" :D :D


07-31-03, 10:57 PM
Thank you very much Smooch!
It's nice to come back to such warm welcomes.

That was part of what I was saying and it makes me so happy you were interested in responding to it.
I was talking about that along with how our freedom is defective in the fact that we are not free to not be free and we are not free to not make choices. Like you said they happen even if you chose not to chose. And like I said it is similar to time in that it is in constant movement, never stopping or reversing. And not literally but always pushing forward. It's a constant and in no way defines our freedom.

My daughter is crying must go see what is up.
Hope to hear back from you.

09-17-03, 12:51 PM
Well why shouldn't you try to philosophize, Sara? Somebody's got to do it (arguably)!

The question of free will (or "free will vs determinism") has always interested me: at the same time seemingly too abstract to have anything to do with life or 'practical philosophy', but somehow especially relevant to my own problems with carrying out actions I thought I had decided on etc.

Another related question (related in this regard, anyway) was the nature of time (or the passing of time)...

I like what you said about free will - agree with the need to see things holistically and avoid the duality of free will versus the continuity of happening, as if one were inconsistent with each other, when in fact they must be consistent and the mystery can only be in understanding or accepting this.

By the way, if/when you return, could you give any quick comments on or comparison of the 4 ADD books you mentioned at the top of this thread and/or any others you may have read - I'm trying to pick out a (small) handful to order (unfortunately I can't just go into a large bookshop and browse, as I live in North East Germany and the English language selection doesn't extend much beyond Harry Potter books...). Thanks,

02-26-04, 01:04 AM
I have read:
Dr Weiss's Adults with ADD (or something like that)

Scattered: How Attention Deficit Disorder originates dn what you can do about it by Gabor Mate, MD (great book).

The Added Dimension: Everyday Advice for adults with ADD by Kate Kelly, and Peggy Ramundo (very good setup for us ADD'ers. You can start anywhere in the book and there is no real structure to it. I opened it up and read randomly.

I may actually do a little research for my Neuroanatomy class project and get some scientific reading done.

09-06-04, 08:27 AM
I would recommend the following :

"Driven to Distraction"
"You Mean I'm Not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy"
"Journeys Through ADDulthood" - Sari Solden

Especially - Sari Soldens book - A lot of positive creative helping
solutions are presented here.

All ot them have an element of humour in them