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04-20-13, 01:15 AM
I just started taking Testim. Put first dose on tonight 4-19-13 wondering how long before I should begin to feel the results? My testosarone was 126 and I am 48

Can u take too much? I asked doctor and he said all people are different which I can understand I did take oxcy 80 three times a day for four years I have not taken one in ten months but still taken suboxen anyone else have this similar situation? Just need to know if u can take too much and when this will kick in so I can get my concentration back and get rid of this crappy feeling

Need advice ASAP please thanks a million

Been in AA for three years too

04-20-13, 02:27 AM
I don't think this is something that works in a hurry. Use it exactly as the doctor told you - any more is too much.

07-25-14, 12:49 AM
Hello my name is Denny and I live just outside Nashville Tennessee. I have low T and have recently been informed by my Pharmacist of a product called Prasco a generic form of testosterone. I wanted to let you guys know since I have switched to this product I don't feel any effects like I did with Testim. I've always been skeptical with generic drug products the same thing happened when I switched to a generic Hydrocodone for my Arthritis that Walmart carry's its also inferior to the real thing.
My Libido is back to being zilch and I don't have that good energetic muscular rebuilding feel that I got with Testim. Also this crap makes my T-shirt stick to my body even after it dries but that's not a big problem. The Prasco product is inferior to Testim and now that its new there aren't any reviews on it yet maybe I should start one. Denny
Has anyone else tried this stuff? Thanks